Haiyang section of Lairong High-speed Railway: all Bridges will be completed in August

Reporter Zhang Jie: I am now in the position of the lairong high-speed rail haiyang east beam manufacturing site.Behind me, the workers are engaged in the work of steel binding and concrete pouring.According to the person in charge of the project, the plant will produce 312 trusses of box girders in haiyang Section 2.Since resuming production in February, the plant has produced a total of 128 trusses of box girders, accounting for 41% of the projected production schedule.Haiyang East Girder Fabrication Plant is responsible for prefabrication of box girders for three Bridges spanning coastal Expressway, Liugezhuang River Bridge and S306 Provincial Highway Bridge. The specifications of box girders produced are 24 meters and 32 meters respectively, and the heaviest of each beam is about 800 tons.The erection of 91 trusses of box girders across S306 Provincial Road is expected to be completed by April 25, said Cheng Yong, deputy manager of lai-Rong Railway Construction Department.In order to ensure the completion of the project node as scheduled, the project department added 45 shift operators accordingly to ensure the erection of the two-hole box girder every day on site.According to the construction plan, it is expected to complete the erection of box girder in Haiyang section in August.It is understood that the total length of the bridge across S306 provincial Road is 3.2km, and 91 trusses of box girders are designed. S306 provincial Road, the main traffic crossing road, has large traffic flow, complex construction difficulty, high safety control requirements, and is also an important channel connecting Shentong Mountain tunnel and Haiyang Station. After completion, it provides favorable conditions for the next ballastless track construction of the project.

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