In the workplace, when you are marginalized, you need to do the opposite

Flowers sometimes bloom and fall noiselessly.In the workplace, if you want to get an official position and get promoted continuously, you not only need to make extreme efforts, but more importantly, “follow the right people and do the right things.”When these objective conditions do not exist, often an extremely hard-working person, extremely talented person, will not automatically “be seen.”On the contrary, they are likely to be marginalized constantly because they are preoccupied with work and neglect the management of interpersonal relationships. They become the “marginal people” who work hard and do nothing.If you find yourself in a situation like this, don’t try to prove how good you are, you can try to do the opposite and it may surprise you.01 When everyone is scheming, you might as well be the schemer.In the early years, when I had just transferred from teaching to administration, the biggest unaccustomed thing was that in school, all I had to do was teach well and get good grades, and it didn’t matter whether I was praised or disparaged by the principal and parents.But in the executive branch, no matter how well done, as long as the boss does not like, everything is useless.So, for a long time, I couldn’t find any sense of existence or worth.A colleague who was about to retire, seeing my depression, came to talk to me.He says most people in the workplace are ‘grooming,’ or trying to figure out what their leader wants them to do and say at all times.In the short term, this can have an immediate effect, but in the long run, only by cultivating yourself as a good “tactility” person, can you remain invincible in the long run.Under his guidance, I began to ignore my colleagues’ penny-pinching and infighting and focus on the task at hand, even if it was a simple work plan, I would consider every detail.As a result of often “true”, no matter the job or leadership assigned to the job, has never been completed very brilliant.As time passed, some important tasks replaced those trivial things. I was often regarded as the backbone and participated in various meetings of middle and high levels, becoming the trusted “right-hand man” of leaders.Any unit, someone is watching, someone is doing, someone is making trouble, if you are naturally honest, and do not know how to “seek people”, it is better to concentrate on “seek things”.After all, it is those who are steadfast and capable of getting things done that hold up a unit.When everyone else is busy trying to follow the rules, you might as well be careful.The most fundamental reason why a person is “marginalized” is that there is no core competitiveness.That is to say, in the homogenized competition, there is no differentiation of characteristics, thus being severely suppressed by the same type of competitors.This shows, with its blade outward, ready to “fully armed” at any time with competitors to a or bright or dark contest, not as another way, for his a way out.Inamori Kazuo just graduated from university, came to a company on the verge of bankruptcy, wages can not be paid, colleagues have to find another job, Inamori Kazuo almost also “drift”.However, after a reprimand from his family, he realized that the post should be cherished and that he should try his best to make a contribution to the post and the company instead of job-hopping if he was slightly unhappy.With this change of mind, he began to devote all his energy to the research and development of new products. Although no one had ever set foot in this new field and had no reference experience, he succeeded at one stroke and started a wonderful life.There are thousands of ways to success, but do not believe in copying, copying others’ successful path.Everyone is a unique individual, only to be mindful, to be able to see the details, to start from the details, to find opportunities that others have not found, to seize the loopholes that others have neglected, so as to achieve their own legend.When everyone else is trying to make a profit for themselves, you might as well be humble.It is written in The “Vegetable Root Tan” : “Leave a step where the path is narrow and walk with you;The taste of the thick minus three points, people addicted.This is a method of universal bliss.”That is to say, in the process of interpersonal communication, we should fully consider the feelings of others, leave some leeway for others, that is, to give others enough face, so that people will be willing to get close to them, so as not to be isolated.Take ouyang Xiu, a writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, for example, his articles are unique in the world, but when he usually talks with people, he does not talk about articles but political affairs.But political affairs were not ouyang Xiu’s strong suit.It may seem ridiculous, but it is actually a wise practice.Only when you talk about things you are not good at and talk with others in the tone of consulting can people around you naturally start talking and have the opportunity for others to refute or revise their opinions, so as to gain a sense of existence and honor.This kind of clever “elevation” other people’s practice, it is to give the other party enough decent and dignity, especially when the other party’s reputation, status, wealth is far less than their own, it is a kind of silent help.Of course, such kindness and sincerity should also be given to the right people.If the other person’s nature is perverse, bad attitude, don’t have to deal with it.04 Conclusion: “Vegetable root Tan” there is such a sentence: “the gentleman can not hold light, light things can tickle me, and no leisure and calm fun;The intention is not heavy, heavy I for the mud, and no natural and lively opportunity.”The meaning of this sentence is that the gentleman should not be impetuous in dealing with people, because impetuous will be disturbed by external things, thus losing leisure and calm mood;Thinking intentions can not be too persistent, because too persistent, will be bound by external things and lose natural and lively vitality.A really good workplace worker, even if not welcomed, will not fall into the dead end of the “fish net”, but flexible, and even “opposite”, know how to “round the outside inside the way of survival”.Through the past, everything will be spring.Author: light as the wind, light as the clouds.Your happiness, my blessing.The pictures come from the Internet.

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