Monca: Nadal’s Australian Open win is worthy of a Netflix movie!

The Monte Carlo Masters will be held from April 9 to 17, with two months to go.But the tournament posters are out, and it’s no surprise nadal grabbed the headlines.”Rafael Nadal’s victory at this year’s Australian Open is worthy of a Netflix movie,” said the tournament director.I have never seen such an amazing story, he is like Superman, with extraordinary will and spirit to get the final champion!”Director Monkar is absolutely right, so let’s take a look at the whole thing and see how crazy this is.In 2021, Nadal lost a match point in the third set of the Australian Open, where he was defeated by Sissipas.Come to the “warm heart” clay, low open high, Barcelona and Rome Masters win, French Open bright.But in the Semifinals of the French Open, he was beaten by Djokovic and fell to the bottom.Then he pulled out of Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics due to injury, and the bottom went deeper and deeper.Us Open warm-up tournament comeback, poor record and injury crisis, missed the US Open and the rest of the season, the bottom never bottom.In 2022, he made a comeback in exhibition matches, losing two in a row to Murray and Shapovalov.Then he announced that he was infected with COVID-19 and went home again.Again and again, the slope at the bottom of the valley was slippery and wet, an ominous sign that it would never climb out again.ATP250 Melbourne station, finally again comeback, while the generals are preparing for the ATP Cup, in this small station competition difficult to beat 100 players to win.Fans have said that the water a champion to improve confidence, the Australian Open to seek more happiness, just health.Australian open to sign table, most fans but also think nadal eight strong, sign the table is too hard, from the second round start to crack:, Keith, card just grove, Carla mining husband/rahul card, small dimension Leo/sand wave shuvalov, djokovic/berea, Mr Medvedev’s/cc pass, this sign is inferno!At 35, nadal’s fitness is limited and he is just coming back, so it is impossible to win a title.However, all these are in mianmianzhiyu, have turned into a phantom.Nadal reached the final through sheer willpower and fighting spirit, having endured tough moments in every match since the third round.At the beginning of the final, he was extremely nervous, his serve and other skills were poor, the first set was swept 2-6;He took a two-break advantage in the second set as he tried to diversify his game, but errors led to a 2-0 loss in the tiebreak.At this point, many fans chose to turn off the live broadcast and pray in silence.Because Nadal is not Djokovic and is not good at “let two go three” situations.For fans, the third and fourth sets are a long process, like the darkest moments in a movie, but the fans expect it to last as long as possible and not declare game over too soon.Nadal’s technical condition returns, but physical fitness becomes the biggest hidden danger.At this time Medvedev’s physical problems also appeared, the technology was down.One after another, Nadal finally pulled back to 2-2.The final was a suffocating one, with Nadal still dominating the attack with his tired body, while Medvedev was completely passive and defensive.Nadal’s fans grew in confidence when he broke serve to take the first game of his service, but were quickly beaten back by Medvedev’s swift break to return to even form.Even Nadal wondered if there would be a repeat without a second Australian Open champion to break serve first and lose.Nadal made a solid break and took the second service game to win.All the disappointment and oppression, all the bad luck and failure, at this moment and the Australian Open reconciliation.

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