New Year’s day “fixed salary pill”!The state of Dazhou has introduced wage insurance to solve the problem of unpaid wages

“This year, thanks to the policy implemented by the HOUSING Authority, there will be no more worries about wage arrears!”See just received the bank salary to account SMS prompt, Chen hung a few days of heart finally practical.Xiao Chen is an ordinary migrant worker at a construction site in Dacheng. His construction company cannot cash migrant workers’ wages on time due to capital turnover problems.Fortunately, the construction company took out wage payment performance guarantee insurance for migrant workers in May 2021.In city housing, urban and rural construction bureau, city people club bureau under the coordination of (December 28), on January 30, 630000 yuan from the insurer company migrant wages pay performance insurance proceeds smoothly to zhang, solve migrant workers salary right now, for the enterprise has become the city migrant wages paid the claim on the guarantee insurance’s first business.In recent years, problems such as late payment of wages by enterprises and wage begging by migrant workers occur frequently, which has become one of the issues of great concern to party committees and governments.In order to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers and resolve social conflicts, the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has always taken the implementation of migrant workers’ wages and security deposit as a powerful way to solve the problem of unpaid wages of migrant workers. In conjunction with human resources and Social Security departments, the Regulations on Migrant Workers’ Wages and Security Deposit in the Field of Engineering Construction have been earnestly implemented.General contractors of construction (including professional contractors directly contracted by construction units) are required to set up bank accounts and deposit them in accordance with a certain proportion of the construction contract amount to pay the special funds for the unpaid wages of migrant workers who provide labor for the contracted projects.At the same time, the construction contractor can choose to replace the deposit with bank guarantee, guarantee guarantee or guarantee insurance.”In the past, some construction enterprises paid nearly 10 million yuan in earnest money, which not only resulted in invalid precipitation of funds, but also increased the external financing cost of enterprises.The participation of banks, insurance and guarantee institutions not only provides a new solution for migrant workers’ wages, but also reduces the burden of construction enterprises and becomes a great blessing for enterprises.”City housing and urban-rural development bureau related person in charge told reporters.He said that the insurance, guarantee will be introduced into the construction of migrant workers in the field of wage payment, once there is a delay in migrant workers wages and other situations, by the bank or insurance institutions, in accordance with the letter of guarantee agreed procedures and scope of pay migrant workers wages, which will make migrant workers more secure.At present, 22 financial institutions in the city have opened special accounts and guarantee business for migrant workers’ wages, and 313 construction sites (bidding sections) have opened special accounts and guarantee business for migrant workers’ wages. In 2021, the problem of unpaid wages at construction sites in the city will decrease by more than 50% year-on-year.Editor: Guo Shuli

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