Pingliang Kongtong District: Wind power brings “good scenery”

“At first, I thought the wind farm would have an impact on our life, but it turned out to be a scenic spot. Young people often come to take photos and go sightseeing.”Gansu Province Pingliang City kongtong District xiamen village guliang villagers Ma Cunxue said.Reporters in kongtong district a few days ago in the village of guliang Xiamen township, Mawu township end of the village to see, the white wind generator is located in the gully liang MAO on the wind moving, in the blue sky and white clouds against the background, become a unique scenery in the countryside.Echoing the landscape, the project has saved 7264.38 tons of standard coal compared with traditional power generation since its operation, and created 24,214,600 KWH of green electricity value in these three months.This is a test for kongtong district to achieve the goal of “double carbon” and “double control” requirements on the long road.The test stems from the direction pingliang’s fifth Party Congress set for the region’s energy development: “Improve the level of green and low-carbon development.Adhere to the “dual control” force, first establish before break, coordinated and orderly “carbon peak, carbon neutral” work……We will vigorously develop green and low-carbon industries and speed up the transformation of key industries and sectors into green ones…””Energy resources are becoming an important constraint to the development of today’s society, and as a renewable energy with great resource potential and basically mature technology, vigorously developing wind power can effectively alleviate energy shortage and environmental pollution.”Yang Xiping, director of the Development and Reform Bureau of Kongtong District, said, “As an area rich in wind energy resources, windmill agriculture is widely used in our district to greatly improve productivity and efficiency.”It is reported that the kongtong District 125 MW decentralized wind power project will be started at the end of August 2021, with a total investment of 870 million yuan, involving 12 villages in 2 towns and villages of Xiamen and Mawu, and the construction of 5 decentralized wind power stations of Machuan, Duanli, Wangchenwan, Baijiashan and Jie Ling, accounting for 40.02 mu of permanent land.30 3.6-MEGAwatt douchy-fed wind turbines and 5 3.4-megawatt douchy-fed wind turbines were installed, one 110-kilovolt booster station was built, 55 kilometers of collecting lines were set up, 192 base towers were set up, 20.8 kilometers of external transmission lines were set up, 73 base towers (48 base huating) were set up, and other ancillary projects were completed.Whether fans can be “planted” in the countryside depends on the “harvest” and the “sustainability” of development.”How to properly plan and use the limited land resources, and make the wind farm harmoniously coexist with the local people, is the problem that must be considered for the 125 MW distributed wind power project in Kongtong District.”Project investor director wang added, “select gorge door scholar liang village with the hemp WuXiang village as the project site is mainly because the area to avoid ecological line, arbor, mining area, basic farmland to ban the location of the wind power project development, but also has good wind speed wind turbine generator is driven.”On December 28 last year, all of the project’s five 25-MEGAwatt wind farms were connected to the grid, filling the gap in pingliang wind power generation.All 5 power collection lines are set up, with a total length of 55 kilometers, to leave space for local follow-up economic development;After the wind farm is put into operation, the transportation during construction, the roads crossed by construction vehicles and the vegetation affected by the operation surface are rapidly recovering…Today, wind turbines and roads lie in the mountains, making it hard to see signs of large-scale construction.”The ‘brain’ of these fans can sense, think and evolve, not only to compete for power, but also to work with other fans through the intelligent iot operating system to maximize the efficiency of the whole field of power generation.”Said Yan Boran, head of the Haizhuang Wind power project, the fan supplier.According to data provided by the Development and Reform Bureau of Kongtong District, the project is expected to have an annual effective utilization of 2,058 hours, generate 250 million KWH of electricity, generate 95 million yuan of revenue and pay 12.35 million yuan of tax, save 77,700 tons of standard coal and reduce 215,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, laying a solid foundation for the development of emerging energy industry chain.The ancient city kongtong is becoming an epitome of pingliang wind power industry development.The 35 fans continuously provide green electricity. Since its operation, the cumulative power generation has exceeded 24,214,600 KWH, reducing the emission of nearly 24,141.96 tons of carbon dioxide and 4.1 tons of sulfur dioxide.”The project not only protects the environment, but also boosts the local economy.With the improvement of wind turbine intelligence, control strategy and power generation capacity, as well as the reduction of manufacturing costs, our wind power projects have great potential for development.Next, we plan to build 200MW wind power and 450MW photovoltaic projects on the basis of the wind farm, further develop wind power, photovoltaic power and clean energy industries, and actively promote the construction of the whole industry chain.”Kongtong district hair change bureau deputy director, energy bureau director Liu Peng told reporters.Correspondent Liang Luto

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