Spring comes to the clouds to enjoy sanming flowers

Swallows fly in the mud, the spring breeze blows on my face, the sun shines on my heart again. Spring comes to the clouds once again to enjoy the sanming flowers. The cherry blossoms bloom in lai Fong Cherry Garden.To this is not a trip to the great field Yang Village indulge in sweet romance has nothing to do not awaken flowers under someone to foster Yang Village rhyme “China red” floral height only waiting for you to set up rather cloud pastoral about pink petals falling flowers singing in the music of the air spring romantic all the rape here set up rather bamboo lotus garden here, night rape flowers open goldcord a wind to endless flowers to overlook,Beautiful oil painting in front of taining Chongji Village here “flower field koi” rape flowers are blooming golden sea of rape flowers tourists like weaving and card to Ninghua Shibi Town Zhang Renhui photo here red hospital once in this revolutionary glory forever beautiful yellow flowers lovely school of spring.Also known as golden plum, golden belt, Qingming Flower, golden waist, small yellow flower, is a deciduous shrub of Melonaceae. It is named after its earliest flowering among the flowers and the spring when all flowers bloom. Together with plum blossom, daffodil and camellia, it is collectively known as the “Four friends in the snow” and is one of the precious flowers in China.Winter jasmine is not only dignified and beautiful, temperament is extraordinary, but also has the characteristics of not afraid of cold, do not choose local conditions, strong adaptability, has always been loved by people.Source: Fujian Culture and Tourism Bureau Editor: Lu Ping Supervisor: Chen Yi

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