A-shares resume trading (Wednesday, September 22, 2022)

Today we see in the group chat, discuss China mobile trading.There is a story about this, every year after the Spring Festival start is not quite the same, the start has each different, the outcome is always surprisingly similar, those who expect to play too full, will experience the stage of killing valuation.Now everyone’s not seeing what’s going on, so just try it.Oil on day one, banking on day two and Internet plus mobile on day three.Shanghai Composite Index 3 even Yang, the number of consecutive 4 days more than 3000, but the volume still did not enlarge, did not attract outside funds, step empty funds said, you here too disorderly, do not come, first wait and see.Then from the K line, volume, plate, stock these four aspects to do data recovery: K line: index afternoon collective pull up, Shanghai index rose 0.79%, Shenzhen component index rose 1.55%, gem index rose 1.30%.The average increase was 1.46%.Volume energy: The turnover of the two markets was 93,178,878.7 billion yuan (an increase of 53 billion yuan compared with the previous trading day).The net purchase amount of NORTHbound fund was 484 million yuan, the net purchase amount of Shanghai-share connect was 983 million yuan, and the net purchase amount of Shenzhen-share connect was -499 million yuan.Net purchases of southbound funds amounted to HK $2.74 billion.Plate: liquor concept, communication services, Traditional Chinese medicine and other plates continue to be active, digital currency lift the daily limit tide, nearly 20 shares in the plate daily limit, only banks, gas and a few plates relatively weak, road and railway transport plate fell in the top, three city stocks up more or less, more than 100 shares daily limit, market theme stocks rose.New infrastructure sector: digital currency favorable news to stimulate, and then spread to software, communication equipment, Internet finance and other new infrastructure, a day directly graduation photos of the rhythm.Other sectors: Pulse performance.The two Kings (MAO king + Ning King) stopped falling and rose, each concept pulled more than a dozen a day.Individual stocks: a total of 115 stocks rose by the daily limit in the two markets, 96 non-ST stocks rose by the daily limit, 6 stocks fell by the daily limit, 3,500 stocks rose, 969 stocks fell, 156 stocks were flat, the proportion of rising stocks reached 75.68%.Poly United continued to shrink a word board, Cuiwei Shares, Hengbao shares, Jidong equipment are reduced to 4 board promotion.Yesterday, 21 shares of the board, there are 13 successful promotion, the market short-term sentiment is extremely high.: 1: digital currency plate harden, brand equity, CuiWei shares four plate, male emperor science and technology, the union development, Jin Cai interconnection 2 plate, day yu information, and knowledge of science and technology, thinking electronics, royal bank shares, hai lian jin hui, desheng science and technology, south day, starnet sharp nimble, radio and television information express, harden Beijing north, the new world, there are many stocks rose by more than 10%.On the news, the central Bank and other four departments jointly issued the “14th Five-year Development Plan” for Financial Standardization, which proposed to steadily promote the development of legal digital currency standards and steadily promote the construction of financial technology standards.2: Big data sector: also good performance, jia Try 2 even board, Zhengtong Electronics, Jinglan Technology, Huasheng Tiancheng, Hubei Radio and Television, Donghua software, Hailiang data, Boyan Technology trading limit, Kaipu Cloud, Renzixing rose more than 10%.China Mobile pulled up the sealing plate in the early trading, driving 5G, communication services and other directions to strengthen, Guomai Technology, Cambridge Technology, Meige Intelligence, Sega Technology, Zhizhen Technology, Eastcom Peace, Risconda and other trading limits, Futong, Sanwang communications up 12%.The continuous rise of China Mobile is mainly driven by the following factors: 1) China Mobile Group plans to increase its holdings of RMB ordinary shares at any time from January 21, 2022 to December 31, 2022, with an accumulative increase of no less than RMB 3 billion and no more than RMB 5 billion.2) The stock price of operators has been undervalued for a long time, and the current capital has a higher preference for stocks with low valuations.’China Mobile is the world’s leading operator, with the world’s largest communications network and the largest number of mobile and broadband users,’ said Citic Securities.China Mobile’s core competitiveness is prominent. From an industry perspective, as the world’s leading operator, China Mobile’s position is stable and its user scale and network resources have significant advantages.From a financial perspective, the company has outstanding profitability, good development of emerging businesses, continuous improvement of ARPU value and long-term growth.From the perspective of valuation, premium assets are marked up and cash flow is abundant. The current valuation is still at a historical low and the investment value is prominent.3: infrastructure stocks: mainly linked board stocks. Jidong Equipment Co., LTD., Zhejiang Construction Investment Co., LTD., Chongqing Construction Engineering Co., LTD., Huitong Group co., LTD., China Haicheng Co., LTD., And Pubang Co., LTD.Civil explosive, electronic detonators, Poly united 6 even board led the market, huhua shares, Nanling civil explosive, Kailong shares, Gold Aobo trading limit.4: Traditional Chinese medicine, novel coronavirus drug direction: there are also anti-pumping, Haichen Pharmaceutical, Essence Pharmaceutical, Yiling Pharmaceutical, Taiji Group, Qianjin Pharmaceutical, China Resources sanjiu trading limit.This direction may have repeated opportunities in the following several trading days. At present, more than 3300 shares have risen for four consecutive trading days. These two sectors are the direction with the biggest decline in the near term, which is easy to form a seesaw effect with other stocks in the market.Overall, the recent performance of individual stocks in the market is stronger than the index, infrastructure and digital economy two directions are the strongest.Because gem refers to the ningde era, the trend is weaker than Shanghai, the market is currently viewed as a bottom.The two cities for 4 consecutive trading days over 3300 shares closed up, the latter two trading days need to beware of short-term cash, you can pay attention to the main line after adjustment of repeated opportunities.

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