It is known as “beauty soup”, women drink every once in a while, beauty to wrinkle, do not miss it

It is known as “beauty soup”, women drink every three or five, beauty to wrinkle, do not miss the older women, more and more attention to the maintenance of the skin, beauty is the nature of every woman.So in addition to paying more attention to daily skin care and rest, we also use some skin care products to keep our skin elastic.But skin care products are just a maintenance of our external, in addition to the external, we should pay attention to the internal maintenance, beauty women should be no stranger to pigs feet.Pig’s trotter is rich in collagen, nourishing both inside and outside. If you eat it regularly, it can increase the elasticity of skin, beautify skin and fight aging.But a lot of friends feel that pig trotter is very greasy, used to stew the taste will not be very good.And inside the hairdressing meal in the woman, the most attractive is it, a few spoons into belly, warm heart, and nutrition is also rich, it is at ordinary times do not touch the person of fat, also love it only to love tightly.Pig’s trotter soup: Pig’s trotter, lotus root, spring onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt, red dates, medlar.: 1, we will first buy fresh pig’s feet after cutting into small pieces, if it is more troublesome to cut yourself, you can directly ask the business to help cut, and then prepare a section of lotus root, pig’s feet into water repeatedly soaked in bleeding water.2. Then we will cut the lotus root at both ends and peel it again. Cut the lotus root into a hob block.3, then we could prepare a pot of water, down to the feet in water, add a small amount of ginger and two tablespoons of rice wine, to the pig’s feet after a cover, and use the fire to blanch 4, blanch pig’s son, we will remove the froth to blanch out, good water blanch pig’s feet with floating foam on the surface of the water and then wash clean.5. Add water to the pot again, put the blanched pig’s trotter into the pot, add ginger slices to fishy, and then turn the fire to boil, turn the heat to medium simmer, cook for about half an hour.6, such as pig’s trotter stew for half an hour, the lotus root block also continue to stew for half an hour, after an hour of stew lotus root, the soup is very rich, at this time the red dates also continue to stew, boil for 10 minutes.7, finally we add salt to season, and wait for 5 minutes before the pot to add medlar stew together, out of the pot, sprinkled with scallions and chicken essence to season off the fire, you can taste the bowl of beauty soup.Cooked pig’s trotters taste, Q lotus root flour waxy, fresh and delicious soup is very suitable for winter, if you also like to drink soup, then this beauty soup must try, drink once every three or five is good for skin.1. The trotter must be blanched in advance, and the floating foam must be cleaned, so that the stew will be white and will not have a fishy taste.2. It is recommended that you choose the sole part of the front hoof, so that the soup will not be too greasy.3, cooked soup is very delicious, take out the trotter can also be directly dipped in soy sauce or their own sauce to eat, mixed into cold dishes is also good.If you want to learn more about eating King, check out eating King

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