Speak of love before sacrifice!In prison, he left a loving confession to his lover

Source:CCTV national memory 1927 guangzhou pearl river was wrapped in a piece of white terror atmosphere, then secretary of municipal party committee organization department of the communist party of China guangzhou Zhou Wenyong are anxiously looking for a house for the party’s secret authorities to prepare for uprising in order to cover this secret authority party organization decided to arrange a female comrade and Zhou Wenyong disguised as husband and wife in the female comrade is tie-jun Chen tie-jun ChenHelp Zhou Wenyong under the lost comrades together again Zhou Wenyong activities and tie-jun Chen is guangdong countrymen have common belief although two of them alternate goodwill for the revolutionary cause they have to put this feeling hidden in the bottom of my heart on January 27, 1928, due to a traitor whistleblowing reactionary military police rushed to the Zhou Wenyong and tie-jun Chen novel after home, two people were put in jailYong and Chen Tiejun were tortured for days, but their revolutionary will did not shake the enemy took a pen and paper to promise Zhou Wenyong as long as he told the secret of the Party organization will be able to return his freedom zhou Wenyong filled with indignation to write down the last life of the last “head can be broken, limbs can be broken, the revolutionary spirit can not be destroyed.The strong man’s head is the party, the hero’s body is the group split.”Bereft of the kuomintang reactionaries decision “shot” Zhou Wenyong and tie-jun Chen at the last moment of life Zhou Wenyong offered to and tie-jun Chen a group photo taken on February 6, 1928, the fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the Lantern Festival Zhou Wenyong and tie-jun Chen left two people in prison a group photo of the first two people to cover up the blood of the kuomintang reactionaries deliberately they put on new clothes but can be in the photoSeeing the broken hands of Zhou Wenyong as a result of torture, he could only raise his waist and his tortured legs had to bend slightly in the face of deathLimb can cut their sparkling eyes in dark eternal Zhou Wenyong after took the last photo and tie-jun Chen was escorted to guangzhou red granite execution ground generous ability Zhou Wenyong and sacrifice in 1928 shortly after the communists Tan Shoulin tie-jun Chen from guangzhou to Shanghai to continue the revolutionary work Tan Shoulin your county of guangxi people into the Chinese department of Peking University in 1923 he was li dazhao and othersEducation of enlightenment to the way of exploring truth of marxism revolution in the autumn of 1924 Tan Shoulin to join the communist party of China after Tan Shoulin secret came to Shanghai in 1928 to facilitate the identity of the underground work to the tailor shop owner for cover at work he and his fellow communists Qian Ying fell in love and married in early 1929 the party appointed Qian Ying to the Soviet union begin learning Tan ShoulinCommunicate with her letters in addition to the two men each other greetings is more of a communication revolution situation at home and abroad in March 1931, the situation of domestic had the new change Qian Ying FengDiao returned after ideological struggle her 1-year-old daughter, foster care in Moscow nursery back alone to revolutionary work in Qian Ying returned after a month the party organization couple decided to send them to root for west revolutionAccording to work was left when the communist party in Shanghai trade union organizations, destroy the enemy’s Tan Shoulin initiative to apply to the organization in Shanghai to deal with the aftermath of April 22, 1931 due to a traitor betray Tan Shoulin unfortunately arrested the kuomintang spy from Tan Shoulin here to get to the party’s secret even torture after they first bribed and tried to pry open Tan Shoulin mouth but Tan Shoulin never breathedHalf word eve tan Shoulin to qian Ying wrote a letter: “you are the power of my life, you are my dead rebirth benefactor!If the world without you, I am afraid I would not live!Even if alive, it is meaningless, is only the body without soul!As long as you live, I live.I am alive, and my life is yours!”Tan Shoulin it in his “letter” along with being tortured with bloodstained garment asks for his fellow inmates and asked if he could go out must give this two things to his own wife Qian Ying Tan Shoulin die game on May 30, 1931 at the age of 35 Qian Ying learned that her husband had suffered from a few days to revolutionary base of Qian Ying is only 28 years old that year, she will kickFor the strength and the enemy launched a life-to-death struggle since then Qian Ying life did not remarry she has been silently stick to this unforgettable emotion until forever please watch today (April 6)20:00CCTV-4 “National Memory” “Farewell” (the second season) “Red Lovers” editor by Wang Haitao Zhao Bin editor by Chen Xi Cui Ming this set director by Tao LeiEditor by Huang Yu shi Pelun Ma Aijie In charge of editor: Jin Yuhao

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