What happened to a father worth over $100 million, but his quadruplets can’t afford college

In 2001, four super-light quadruplets were born in Hunan province. Three boys and one girl were born.But why do children who grow up in such a rich family end up with no money for college?Let’s take a look at what happened.Yang Wei is the owner of a real estate company and the father of quadruplets.Yang wei is very fond of his four children. He buys them whatever they like and often plays with them.To give his children an international education, Yang sent the quadruplets abroad when they were very young and gave them tens of thousands of dollars a month to live on.They rented a large house and even had three nannies to take care of their daily lives and a chauffeur to pick them up after school.They were the envy of many people at that time.In 2015, Yang wei died suddenly of a heart attack.The news soon spread to the children, who burst into tears and couldn’t believe their father would leave. After a moment of panic and sadness, the quadruplets rushed to buy plane tickets home and soon flew back to China to attend their father’s funeral.The aunt, who was afraid that the children would be upset, accompanied them to a foreign country and took care of them every day. It was because of the aunt’s company that the four children’s life was not so difficult.The children are also very grateful to their aunt, and often record their aunt’s care in their diaries, and even treat them as their own mother.She took control of the children’s pocket money, fired the family driver and nanny, and even gave up the big, luxurious house to live in a shabby, remote cottage.How can children who grew up in a good family environment bear such a change, they began to guess that their aunt to accompany them is another plan, so they began to slowly away from their aunt.Their suspicion of their aunt soon became clear to her, who could not help but fight with them and returned to China, no longer taking care of them.The four free children were happy at first, because they could do whatever they wanted without being restrained, so they lived a “happy life” for a while.Before long, they found that the money they received from their family had shrunk seriously. From tens of thousands of DOLLARS a month to less than ten thousand dollars a year for four people, and when it was time to pay the tuition, the family said they could not afford it.All of a sudden, the children began to panic. They didn’t know what was happening at home. They had to use the money they had saved to pay the school fees, but the money was only enough for this one time.The quadruplets, who have been saving for a year abroad, are often urged to rent by the landlord. With their pocket money reduced, they have to beg the landlord for more days at a time.But a year later they faced tuition problems again, no money they had to choose to drop out.They wonder why their father, who has so much money, now says he can’t afford it?Under the pressure of life, but also accumulated doubts, the four children decided to go back to see.After returning home, the quadruplets face cold language instead of smiling face. Their grandmother no longer cares and loves them, and their aunt also gives them cold words.Watching the sudden change of family atmosphere, the children finally get through to their mother and ask her for help.The mother who knew what had happened to her children decided to stand up and help them.But why aren’t mother and the quadruplets together?Wu Ya, the mother of the quadruplets, is Yang Wei’s wife who accompanied him to set up a company and go through ups and downs.The Wu Ya that experienced duty field situation with Yang Wei one mind also dashed on the career, often go on business trip, stay up late, the company of two people did big and strong very quickly.At this time Wu Ya was pregnant, or quadruplets, but the child was born especially light, after the doctor’s care to slowly become a normal weight of children, because the four children need to take care of, so Wu Ya became a full-time wife at home.However, after a period of time, Wu Ya began to get tired of such a life, and she still longed to go out to live a life of adventure, so she discussed with Yang Wei that the family should hire more nannies so that she could start her own business.However, Yang Wei was very reluctant. He felt that he had already made a lot of money and did not need Wu Ya to subsidize his family, and the most important thing at present was the child.But Wu Ya holds to his idea very however, so two people part company eventually, put forward divorce.But at that time, Wu ya’s divorce condition was that Yang Wei must give their children 80 percent of the property, for the children’s life security.Yang Wei agreed to the request without thinking about the welfare of the children, and also made a written evidence. In order to make the property value increase, he invested in Yang Wei’s company, and Wu Ya began her own business life.After Yang Wei’s death, there were eight legal heirs, including four children, Yang Wei’s mother, Yang Wei’s current wife and their two sons.But why are there no books for the children to read after Yang Wei’s death?What happened to the billions left behind?After hearing the children tell about their aunt and grandmother, Wu Ya suspected that the money was taken by them, so she decided to seek justice for the children.But in the face of the past warm family aunt is very cold, said let them find uncle, because the company and money are handled by uncle, but the children do not have uncle’s contact information and specific address, so they found a reporter.With the help of the reporter, the uncle, who had been hiding from the children, finally appeared in their sight, and in the conversation with the uncle, we found that the property was five times less.According to incomplete statistics, Yang Wei’s real estate alone has more than 30 sets, while in the uncle’s introduction, only seven houses are in the name of the children’s grandmother, and the remaining 20 sets have been repaid.So what happens here?According to my uncle’s introduction, we learned that Yang Wei’s company had borrowed 33 million yuan to help the company run several years ago, and those houses became collateral instruments.After The death of Yang Wei, his arrears naturally had to be settled, so uncle had to mortgage these houses. After the mortgage, he found that only seven houses were left for grandma and the children.But the children who heard this explanation said it was so crazy that they would not believe a word he said, but his next words made them change their minds.The uncle said that if he really wanted to swallow the property, he would have disposed of it before the children returned home, so why would he sit here and explain it to them?However, the children still need money to go to school, and Wu Ya, despite her small achievements, cannot afford the high tuition fees in the United States, so they finally cleared up the inheritance of the children with the help of lawyers.The first and second of the quadruplets, who already had university acceptance letters, were in a hurry to go back to school, while the third and fourth stayed in China to continue their studies.They have gone from being the children of billionaires to being the children of ordinary rich people with only a few houses, but they have far more than ordinary children.Together with their good education in childhood, I believe they will strive for their own career in the future and become four excellent children.What do you think of this story?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!

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