3-2, The Japanese star 88 minutes to kill, promotion horse outbreak, Real Madrid stumbling block back to form

Madrid (Reuters) – Real Mallorca, promoted and relegated to the bottom of the league, will face bilbao, the eight-time champions, in a matchup in the 24th round of La Liga at 4am on February 15, 2022.Before the bilbao last five games in all 4 win 1 draw, this period is included in the king’s cup in consecutive victory over Barcelona and real Madrid’s top teams, it can be seen that bilbao state is quite good, but real mallorca last 5 2-3 all competitions, state, and they recently twice at home in the face of bilbao have failed to win,So bilbao will definitely have more confidence for this game.At home mallorca played in a 4-4-2 formation, led by Rico, Pablo, Giuphying and Muric, while Galeta, Valiante, Rodriguez and Salva also got the chance to start, in addition to dani, Lello, burian also started together, while Bilbao played in a 4-4-2 formation.Raul – Garcia, Sanchete, Muniain, Besgar co-lead the starting, while Garcia, Oyer, Balenziaga, Nunez also got the opportunity to start, in addition to Vivian, leco, Simon also started together.Bilbao suffered the first blow in the 22nd minute when mallorca were awarded a penalty kick when salva hit the centre of the net after a player was knocked down after a run into the penalty area.In the 30th minute, mallorca doubled their lead in just eight minutes after a throw-in from the right and, after a melee inside the penalty area, Rodriguez found the opportunity to meet the ball from the edge of the box with a volley from his side.In the 58th minute raul Garcia pulled one back for Bilbao.Berenguer scored again in the 60th minute and Bilbao equalised with two goals in just two minutes.In the 88th minute, Japanese star Hideki Hisubo scored the winner.As an Asian player, someone else’s performance is so good, Wu Lei should learn from.Real Mallorca won at home for the second time in a row to boost their chances of avoiding relegation, while Bilbao were sent back to their roots, ending two successive league wins.

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