Buick Regal 652T wisdom enjoy the lead tide on the market

The front face of the vehicle adopts a more flat polygon air intake grille. The internal structure of the vehicle is replaced with a new dot matrix layout from the straight waterfall type before, and the silver strip like flying wings provides a better visual effect.LED daytime running lights are mounted on both sides of the net, harmoniously intersecting with the flying wing chrome-plated decorative strip, which is highly recognizable.Buick Regal, as a representative of American mid-level cars, has further improved its market competitiveness after this modification. It strengthens its sports attributes, luxurious and atmospheric appearance design and rich and practical configuration have also become the shining point to move young people.The angular split lamp group on both sides does not connect with the middle net, but it also enriches the overall elements of the front face, which is more in line with the aesthetic of young people.The new model adopts a trapezoidal design for the lower air intake and l-shaped chrome decoration on both sides of the front bumper, further enhancing the overall fashion sense.Chrome trim is applied to the top edge of the window, extending to the triangle area of the D-pillar, and the BCD column is blackened.The duckling tail at the top of the rear of the Regal brings some energy to the whole car.And in this change, Buick is finally the whirlwind hub to introduce regal GS, a look is a very individual experience.And the 2020 Regal nearly 5 meters long body almost reached the highest level in the same class.The center console adopts t-shaped asymmetric design, tilting to the driver’s side, with some feeling of embracing the cabin.The middle part of the plastic material covered with a certain grade, the majority of materials will be wrapped, the touch experience is very good.The interior layout of the new car is consistent with that of the current model, and the whole system is equipped with a standard shift plate, nano anti-PM2.5 air conditioner filter element, two-zone independent automatic air conditioner, etc.The middle part of the plastic material covered with a certain grade, the majority of materials will be wrapped, the touch experience is very good.Inside the car, the Regal 2020 GS 28T Premium interior features a sporty black design with red stitching and silver trim on the upper interior.The interior of the new Buick Regal continues the overall design of the old model, equipped with an 8-inch central control LCD screen, built-in Baidu ecological car networking system, and support apple Carplay function.In the car, the new Regal GS continues the buick brand has always been calm atmosphere and the good tradition of material conscience, the central console adopts the embrace design, tilting to the driver’s seat, some embrace cabin feeling.The 2020 Buick Regal interior still uses the family style wing design elements, consumers can choose between yasmi leather, Mocha brown suede.The interior features a T-shaped asymmetrical design that tilts toward the driver’s side, giving a sense of embracing the cabin.The new ETRS electronic shift, not only beautiful shape, but also very convenient operation, R file and D file also used anti-contact design, quite intimate.In terms of auxiliary control configuration, front and rear parking radar, reversing image, cruise control, uphill assistance and so on are equipped.And the most gratifying thing is that the entry model can have such a rich configuration, which is a lot of car companies can not do.

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