Chenzhou water conservancy: to ensure the safety of rural water supply during the Spring Festival

Red I moment February 8 news (correspondent Hu Linjuan) rural drinking water safety concerns the immediate interests of the masses.During the Spring Festival, low temperature rain and snow weather, do a good job during the Spring Festival rural water supply guarantee work, arduous task, great responsibility.On 27 January, chenzhou city bureau issued the about doing a cold response to prevent the rain and snow freeze disaster weather notice, request across rural drinking water safety security work, earnestly strengthen the hidden perils, do “early discovery, early deployment, early repair, and water”, and make antifreeze protection measures, strengthen water quality purification disinfection, ensure that rural drinking water safety.Guidong County water resources bureau staff are checking hankou village drinking water project.During the Spring Festival, chenzhou cities and counties in two levels of the development of the water conservancy department firmly centered on people’s mind, strictly implement the 24-hour duty system, to guarantee rural drinking water safety in the prominent position, practical and compaction village two levels of rural drinking water safety of the “three responsibilities”, to ensure that each project are well management, do a search for a day “” 24 hours of instant response.Guidong County water resources bureau staff are checking hankou village drinking water project.Su Xian District Wugaishan water plant safety officers are inspecting the pipeline.In the cold wind and drizzle, water conservancy personnel are active in farmers’ homes, fields and mountains.Guidong County Hankou village wrapped in snow, inspectors braved the cold along the ice-covered pipeline inspection;Anren County Anping water company technicians active door-to-door service for users to eliminate the water meter failure;Suxian District Wugaishan water plant safety officer to check the icing water meter and so on.During the Spring Festival, the city’s more than 5,000 rural drinking water safety projects run normally.

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