Congratulations to Sun Yingsha!Training distance run ten thousand meters result pass, created her own best record!

Liu Shiwen, Ma Long, Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu of China’s national table tennis team compete in sanya, South China’s Hainan Province, Feb. 13, 2018.Sun Yingsha is in a good state of mind, young and energetic, with good physical strength. She ran fast and created her own best result in 10,000 meters.It was so hot in Hainan. Running under the hot sun, Sun Yingsha was so tired that she squatted on the ground to pant for breath and rest and adjust, beside her old coach Yang Guangdi!The fans praised Sun Yingsha one after another: Chairman Liu Guoliang specially called Yang Guangdi to accompany Sun Yingsha in the national team, or very good ah!According to the Jiangsu Table Tennis team department announced, Chen Qi has resigned from the National team for personal reasons, no longer part-time Sun Yingsha coach, has returned to Jiangsu Province, Sun Yingsha is now in need of Yang Guangdi head coach it.Site look, Sun Yingsha was quite good, some of his team-mates long-sleeved pants sunshade, Sun Yingsha for good grades, travel light, short sleeve shorts, but also to bear high temperature and insolation, see Sun Yingsha run directly with a big bath towel wrapped in the head is prevented bask in, ha ha the Spring Festival to eat fat, sasha must also minus points, more nimble, and salsa.Hope this bald head coach like Xiao Zhan coach, sand powder also calm down a little, the fourth coach resigns then really don’t know how to do.Sasha looks cute.This face kill is for her.Liu Guoliang, as the president, openly takes the lead in favoring Sun Yingsha. Those who like Sun Yingsha are radicals. What’s the use of unstable fans?It is useful to win the championship, Wang Manyu is no problem with the real power, low-key.Congratulations to Sun Yingsha on February 13, she got a good result in the 10,000-meter long run!Sun Yingsha will win the gold medal of women’s singles in The Asian Games in September and the Gold medal of women’s singles in the World Cup in November. Sun Yingsha will hold the world no.1 in the whole year.Is that what you mean?

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