Northeast common people all go up some years old, a mention puppet full police all gnash teeth, especially this

In addition to seizing “economic criminals”, “political prisoners” and “floating” laborers, Qi Zhizheng created “police career”, he also took advantage of his “governor” position, embezzlement, bribery, extortion, really committing all kinds of evil.Below, we will reveal its bad deeds one or two, its false police chief ugly face, also take this exposure.See a first lens: his real estate deals with pseudo foreign ministry survey chief priests Li Detian, qi know zheng take a stake in name only, with “director” cheap power beside GongHuiTang buy a building, changed hands and sell them, the buy a sell, together they know government made tens of thousands of yuan, he no pay, get half the payment is made in vain.At that time, construction materials were the key materials of economic control and were strictly controlled.But Qi Zhizheng personally has a small building materials warehouse, what tile, wood, cement, glass, iron pipes, nails and other items in short supply, everything.He used part of it to build a building in Jilin South Hutong.Because the project was not completed on time, he ordered the economic security police of Heshun Police Station to arrest Fan Fa, so that ma Wenzhen, the contractor, begged the manager of “Tai Laishun” mutton restaurant to interceding with Qi Zhizheng, agreeing to reduce half of the construction cost and guarantee to finish the construction as soon as possible.The rest of the building materials were piles of plates and boxes of glass bricks, which he had sent to Chen Xishan of the “Tonghua Company” to sell at a high price. As a result, the glass bricks had not been sold until the August 15 liberation, and Chen Xishan had not returned the glass bricks. Qi Zhizheng went to the “War Criminals’ Administration Office”, still thinking of this account.Qi knows zheng zhizhi this “director” position is hard-won, so once authority is in hand, place swagger everywhere bluster person, the lumber factory that opens even Japanese komatsu also dare not offend him, supply his home to burn free all the year round the broken lumber that uses.Zhang Jinghui most favored six wife also let him a few minutes.Once, he met lv Huamin, who opened a tea house with his sixth wife. Qi Zhizheng asked him: “Does the tea house have black tea?”Lv Huamin immediately understand even say: “have, have, send a few days to the director to taste”.Sure enough, the next day he sent the ark group for more than a dozen boxes of good red it still don’t finish calculate, Lv Huamin consciously send tea boxes is something that is passive, let people asked to, so he was planning to go again, one of these days, Lv Huamin brought a otter to visit qi know zheng said: “this is a for the sale of the auction, is quite cheap, is a piece of fine leather, I bought you!”Qi Zhizheng took it in his hand and looked at it.Feeling good, I thought to myself: “Lv Huamin, this boy, is willing to spend a lot of money!It’s a good piece of leather.””How much is it?” he asked, deadpan.Lv Huamin pretended to be casual and relaxed and said, “You don’t need to give me a hundred dollars, it’s not a big deal.”Qi Zhizheng not only do wei do happiness everywhere, he also raise and conniving spy legs for him to do bad things.For example, he has a secret police lieutenant Li Zongyuan, because with Qi Zhizheng’s 4th wife home in the past is a neighbor, borrow this relationship also climb close to, Li Zongyuan willing to be qi Zhizheng’s pawn, borrow the name of “director”, cheat, do all bad things.Once, Qi Zhizheng went to jinshizhai to ask the price of the fish tank, and answered: “800 yuan per fish.” Qi Zhizheng asked again: “Why the price has increased!”The boy grumbled and said, “This is not as high as sorghum rice!”Qi Zhizheng said nothing more, but kept this in mind and walked away.Go back to find Li Zongyuan said, Li Zongyuan clapped his hands and said: “Oh, too good, I want to investigate the source of funds for their shop!How can you say that the price of sorghum rice rises quickly? This is not dissatisfaction with reality, check him as a ‘state criminal’!””Jin Shi Zhai” manager heard that he quickly took the old acquaintance Lu Ronghuan’s film to see Qi director for attention, Qi Zhizheng saw out of the minister Lu Ronghuan, it is not good to repeat difficult to go down, told Li Zongyuan to stop.Of course, this matter is not finished, if not too cheap “jin Shi Zhai”.A few days later, Qi Zhizheng went to “Jin Shi Zhai” claimed to buy a copper chain tied to the dog, the manager which dare to disregard, accompanied by a smiling face to greet, the results of 300 dollars of chain as long as 150 dollars, discount half, Qi Zhizheng in the end or pick a small bargain.Sometimes small cheap he also do not pick up, this director adult play power, in “East Lai Ge” Qi Zhizheng made a play to shake hands.He had asked Donglai Court to make a wire-bound book cover for him in a show of elegance. It was supposed to be made of silk cloth, but when he went to fetch it, it turned out to be made of reborn cloth. Qi Zhizheng immediately looked down and asked the clerk, “Why have you changed it?That’s not what it was said!”The man snapped back, “It’s the only thing in the store now, nothing else!”Qi Zhizheng picked up the book cover and fell straight to the face of the buddy, and then left.By his own account, he used his position to extort money.First, his relative Bai Guoxi came to Changchun from Dehui to apply for permission to do firecrackers, and seek permission from the government office.Qi Zhizheng immediately found the security department of Japanese technology zuo Anchi asked about the certificate, anchi said, now someone is applying for, let them cooperate!On the earlier application of the person to find, the person full of nonsense said that the deal is a highly profitable deal, especially in the first month, at least can earn ten times eight times the profit.Qi zhi zheng sees money jealous, immediately interrupt say: “I enter 5000 yuan of share!”Merchant to understand together know politics, the next day of the first, whip the shop is closed, brought together director bonus of 10000 yuan, the in the mind all know each other, say 5000 yuan investment in gold, just talk, but vague dividend may not be another businessman Xu Zhiguang was police seized, the incident for trafficking food up with critics know politics, qi ask once,This economic case even give up, Xu Zhiguang to express gratitude, sent 1600 yuan, even qi Zhizheng under the specific personnel also got several hundred yuan of favors.In addition, there are a few things, like a yu-chen li sold firecrackers and hall “and” selling drugs, are considered in violation of the “7 · minimum price”, all the stuff and buckle, respectively up with director, immediately put people, therefore, has known government accepted the bribe yu-chen li sent 10000 yuan, pharmacy has fetched 1000 yuan worth of these small example above,It was only a few episodes in his four years of crime as prefect of police, which he had personally confessed or reported.Northeast ordinary people all some years old, a mention of the puppet police hate to gnash teeth, these lackey help Japan for abuse, help the Japanese oppress people, do all the bad things, recruit thousands of people hate, ten thousand people scold.Qi zhizheng as police chief, it is more set many evil in a suit, its evil crime, is really exhausted bamboo also difficult book.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to bai mou view literature and history

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