Responsibility is greater than the day, the inventory of football “sacrifice their lives to block the bullet hole” of iron and blood defense famous scene

China’s victory in the Asian Women’s Cup has ignited the enthusiasm of Chinese fans, especially in the last minute of stoppage time when Defender Wang Xiaoxue made a great effort to block a close shot against South Korea to win the final.Wang Xiaoxue’s act of “giving her life to block the hole of a gun” also touched countless fans. She explained with her actions what is responsibility and what is the sense of honor, which is the spirit that all athletes should have.In fact, every time this kind of picture appears on the football field, people can not help but awe.Today for everyone inventory, football with life to protect the goal of the iron and blood defense scene: Vietnam defender:Duan Wenxiao World Cup qualifier in 2019 Asia four ten strong match, against Thailand and Vietnam to the last moment, Thailand frontcourt a smooth attack killed into Vietnam team penalty area, his shot was goalkeeper off the left after the ball back to the foot of Thailand, and Vietnam team only left-back Duan Wenxiao, facing Thailand after 2 o ‘clock in the flank,Duan used his body to block the shot from the middle, then got down on the ground and used his head to block the second shot, and finally blocked the ball out of the baseline.Manchester united defender, nemanja vidic in 2013 united’s last home game of the season, and Sir Alex ferguson’s final season before he retires, in the game against Swansea, nemanja vidic in a his own penalty area for fall on the ground, in the face of considerable threat Swansea players shot, get up too late to choose head to block the opponent’s boot from nemanja vidic, his head hit the ground hard.There is no doubt that Vidic was a tough man at the height of his powers who asked Ferguson for leave to return home to fight.Manchester United defender Phil Jones is another Manchester United defender. Phil Jones has been hailed as the successor to England’s greatest talent, Duncan Edwards, but has struggled with his injury-plagued, hard-and-fast style of play.But Manchester united in 2015 at home in the 1-1 draw at Arsenal, but he contributed football classic scene: because of ball placement misjudgments, back also accidentally slipped, but try to stand up again slipped, so even rolling and crawling, not on the way to your feet Gu Jilu could kick to the head, the danger of ground headed the ball out of bounds, defuse the danger.This is why Jones is still loved by Manchester United fans despite his injury absence.England defender:Terry 2010 South Africa World Cup group stage last, England against Slovenia and England captain John terry in the 68th minute of a defense, can be said to be one of the most famous football “throw” block: when lying on the ground of John terry, see Slovenia ready to shoot, of one’s own body as sandbags dumped out,With a dive, he tried to block his opponent’s volley with his head. Although he failed to block the ball, he still hit the ground heavily, with his eyes still focused on the ball.Such a scene, how can not let the blood boiling.Evergrande defender:Liu actually we also have such scene, the Chinese super league in 2017, guangzhou Evergrande and chongqing lifan’s 84th minute of the game, a counter-attack, chongqing was shot into, Evergrande defender liu has sat back in place, he was a flying under the opponent’s goal, then saw the second opponent scoring opportunities,The fallen Liu had no time to react, but he flew forward instinctively, directly using his head and body to block the opponent’s shot. Chongqing’s attack failed, Liu’s performance has become a famous scene in Chinese football.

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