The Us media recorded 12 heartbreaking moments of Valieva before the match, which were overexposed and questioned by foreign media

Even after finishing fourth, Valieva was the focus of world media attention.USA Today said it was a disaster.They arranged for reporters to capture every detail of valieva during the match and published 12 heartbreaking pictures afterwards.”Valieva, 15, made mistakes in her first four jumps and then fell while attempting a quadruple toe loop,” the us outlet said.She ended up fourth in the long program.”Vallier fought back tears after the music of her show bolero stopped playing.Then when the score was announced, she sat dumbfounded, kissing and crying, and remained there for several minutes.”It was an incredible finale to a week-long saga that has cast a shadow over the Olympic figure skating competition,” USA Today wrote.News broke late last week that Valeva had tested positive for a banned heart drug and was then provisionally suspended by Russia’s anti-Doping agency before qualifying for the Games on appeal, the U.S. media said.”Valieva’s fourth-place finish effectively erased a decision the IOC announced a few days ago that there would be no medal ceremony or presentation after Thursday’s race if she finished in the top three,” USA Today wrote.

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