Us smartphone market reshuffle: Samsung 2nd, Apple 1st, Chinese brands top 3

On January 30, research firm Counterpoint released data on the US smartphone market for the fourth quarter of 2021.Overall, the winner-takes-all situation in the US mobile phone market is becoming more and more obvious, and the share concentration degree is getting higher and higher.Of course, shortages of components and chips have changed the landscape of the U.S. handset market.The latest reshuffle results show that The gap between Samsung and Apple has widened further.In the fourth quarter of 2021, Samsung came in second with a 24 percent market share.Apple’s market share was 57%, up 17% from the previous month.The reason why apple can gain so many consumers’ favor is mainly because of the excellent sales and public praise of the iPhone13 series after the launch.The iPhone13 series is equipped with a new A15 processor, and its performance is cross-generation ahead of qualcomm chips and mediatek chips. Although the 5G baseband configuration is slightly behind, considering the current 5G network deployment is not perfect and 5G applications are not abundant, it is difficult for users to detect the network shortcomings of the iPhone13 series.This is also the fundamental reason why the old Apple phones continue to sell well in the 5G era.In addition, the video system of the iPhone13 series also leads the industry.IPhone13 series lens configuration is not good, telephoto, macro and other functions of the lens is rarely seen, most of the main camera plus the classic combination of wide Angle.But it’s also tradition that allows Apple to hone the photography scheme into something more sophisticated.As far as I am concerned, the iPhone13 series is not perfect. There are excellent products for apple to win the first place, but the timing factor should not be ignored.In the fourth quarter of 2021, only the iPhone13 series was available in the market. Huawei’s Mate series and Samsung’s Note series, which were responsible for blocking apple in previous years, have been delayed, creating a perfect sales opportunity for apple.It is worth mentioning that Although Samsung did not release the main flagship, but with the new A series phones, also achieved good results.In my view, the fourth quarter of 2021 can be seen as a turning point for Samsung’s mobile business.Despite the cancellation of the Note series, the foldable screen series has successfully become a high-end representative of Samsung, which will help Samsung win the future market.As we all know, traditional mobile phones are limited by size, and it is difficult to achieve breakthroughs in appearance design and functional innovation, while foldable mobile phones have larger body space, more forms and stronger explosibility.Although foldable phones are still niche products at present, it is only a matter of time for foldable phones to become mainstream devices in the high-end market according to sales changes in the past two years.Foldable phones could help Samsung steal more share from Apple in the future.Domestic handset makers also did well in the US, with Lenovo’s MOTOROLA making it into the top three.MOTOROLA was acquired by Lenovo in 2014 but has only focused on the Chinese market in recent years.The reason for this situation, and lenovo mobile phone business initial layout has a great relationship.2014 and 2015 are the time for domestic mobile phones to bloom, and also the last glorious moment for Lenovo as an old mobile phone giant.At that time, Lenovo brand mobile phones were still fighting in the market, the sub-brand ZUK was coming, and MOTOROLA was seen as lenovo mobile phone internationalization, high-end springboard.In this context, Lenovo continued to give MOTOROLA mobile rights, and the latter as a “semi-independent” brand, also handed over a brilliant answer.MOTOROLA did not invent the modular phone concept, but it carried it forward.Interchangeable lenses and expandable batteries have wowed users.This also helps MOTOROLA to establish a good brand image in the North American market. Of course, the fundamental reason why MOTOROLA can achieve such excellent results in North America is that MOTOROLA has been working in the North American market for many years before being acquired by Lenovo.Taken together, the U.S. smartphone market is pretty clear, and it’s hard to see any major changes in the short term. Which company do you think has a chance to unseat Apple?

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