Whether xavi is the platoon, Barca’s priority, no one said the point

Is really “thin dead camel is bigger than a horse”, while Barcelona a fiscal deficit, but Barcelona instead of transfer rumours emerge in endlessly, also did not see Barcelona on signings how short, after all, the introduction of phelan torres will cost nearly 60 million euros, even so, barca didn’t slow down the steps for the introduction of reinforcements.There is also a set of priorities for the placement of reinforcements, but it doesn’t seem to have been made by Xavi, more by the media.Because they don’t get to the point.As barca fans watching the game, often should all know that what was needed to Barcelona, in which position need reinforcing, Barcelona squad system, the core of which position can operate, left after Lionel messi, should be more know, there should be a very capable players in every position, to cover up the messi leave after less than, but need step by step to reinforcements,If you have a priority for aid, you should prioritize it.According to Spanish newspaper World Sport, Barca and Xavi have prioritised their signings as striker, winger and left-back.Forward first said the forward, forward position does need reinforcement, because the current Barcelona front line crowded, do not have a fixed starting forward, because he does not allow power, she was clearly not be trust Harvey, and luc DE jong, though recent games performance highlights, but there is no denying the fact that Harvey would will luc DE jong as excessive,Because it is imperative to bring in a world-class striker.Faty may not be able to help the team in a short time due to injury, and the striker has always been a very important position for Barcelona, so it is understandable to put the first place.Winger winger position, actually say is Mr Lai, the Barcelona and Mr Lai’s contract has been unable to proceed smoothly, reason is very clear, Mr Leahy hope left until the summer window, Barcelona side is unbearable, so winger also belong to is to insert a deterrent, Mr Lai also left winger is indeed the barca attack a fulcrum, from pep guardiola to enrique,To Xavi, they are the representative coach of Barcelona’s passing football, and the same tactic, will rely on wingers to complete.Left back the third position is left back, that is, alba’s replacement, Alba’s physical fitness and strength has been declining, after all, age, one can not carry the entire left side is helpless.Also because of Messi’s departure, Alba lost a good partner, also can’t play super strength, alba’s replacement will emerge sooner or later.Given Harvey is media above priority sorting reinforcements, we know that the three position is very important, but for Barcelona’s current lineup, need to fundamentally solve the problem, the three no one on the point, if Barcelona can only introduce one or two players, so the best signings sorting should be a central defender and lower back.Barcelona centre-back till now, also want to use to compensate for the front or cover up the shortage of the defence, there used to be a strong offensive ability, Barcelona and midfield interception, basic can rest easy that defence, besides, the carles puyol, Gerard pique, and later javier mascherano, these are world class central defender, even have been defensive, no scruples.But now, the front line can not get more chances to score, that first ensure not to lose the ball, with 0-1 attributes, to describe the current Barcelona really is too much.Therefore, central defenders are currently a priority that must be strengthened.Defensive midfielder Barcelona during the period of the six crown, has the strong ability to cooperate and top players for each position, back to this place, of course, has been a busquets, until now, busquets turned to slow, often lost the ball, even rival breakthrough from his position, Ronald koeman period, and now coach Harvey, dare not take busquets,Is it because Busquets is the current Captain of Barca?No, that’s because the position is very important and belongs to barca’s throat, but no replacement for Busquets has emerged.So even though Busquets made some mistakes, Xavi did not dare to put Busquets on the bench, because other players are more worried.To sum up, the priority may not be set by Xavi, but the media’s guess, because the fans know that the team must give priority to the central defender and defensive midfield, because these two positions can at least ensure that the current Barcelona, with excellent defensive and tactical ability.The more opportunities there are for the forward line to get the ball, the more opportunities there are to bring victory closer.

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