Four years 198 million, old nets!Want to be first in the league, admit it KD, you are no leader

Even in the golden state have got two don’t even recognized, champions league and have a unpleasant Kevin durant chose and left Cleveland, caught up in the same career lows Carey – Michael Owen to team up, two frustrated superstar come together, the two of them have no don’t talk, become teammates at the same time, the more became close friends.Meanwhile, James Harden, who broke up with his former team for eight years in order to win the NBA championship, moved to Brooklyn, reuniting with his big brother when he first entered the league, and it seems that these three stars will not hesitate to join the Nets for the long term.Four years 198 million, old nets!Trying to be # 1 in the league, admit it KD, you have no leadership skills.Durant, 33, signed a four-year, $198 million early extension with the Nets this offseason, and is likely to spend most of his final prime in the Nets.As the leader of this team at the same time as the eldest brother, durant to Owen and harden dozen sample, lead by example, he allowed the father to harden and Owen reduced the concerns, in the perspective of the two of them, as long as in the offseason in advance and the renewal of the nets, then at least in the next few years, they will continue to be fought, and Kevin durant won’t feel lonely.Unfortunately, Irving and Harden stood Durant up at the same time.The kyrie issue, which is entirely personal, is the vaccine issue, and while Sean Marks publicly stated that they had made significant progress in their contract negotiations with Harden for Kyrie, there was a policy in Place in New York that adults who were not vaccinated would not be allowed in public places in New York,The Barclays Center, home of the Nets, is also under quarantine control.At this point, Owen’s vaccine problem begins to be infinite amplification, the nets began to think of his contract, until finally, they stopped and Owen contract talks, in the perspective of the nets, they are a little stop in time, and harden also keenly sensed the problem, he also rejected the nets paid contract price in advance.Durant was the only one who was dumb enough to give up the option and stay with the team, Harden was the one who kept his options open, and Irving was the one you couldn’t figure out what he was going to think.The loss to the Denver Nuggets dropped the Nets to 29-19, dropping them to fourth place in the Eastern Conference. The Sixth-place Philadelphia 76ers are half a game behind them and the Nets will have to hope the 76ers lose at home to the Los Angeles Lakers.That must be a huge shame for a team that was seen this offseason as a championship favorite to get the league to the “finale.”Season so far, the nets in the array is scold the worst three people were harden, Michael Owen and Steve Nash, they each have their own problems, harden state had risen and fall big, you don’t know what the next he will state, Owen longs to save the world, playing can also be part-time business for him, this let teammates and dressing room a lot of fans have a headache,Nash doesn’t have to say much about it. He’s a good rookie coach who hasn’t even been a lead assistant coach on any team before taking over. He’s got a few tactics, but he can’t build any system in two seasons, his command on the pitch isn’t as good as it should be, and he’s supporting his team’s regular season record by overdrawing his stars.Durant, however, bears a large share of the blame for these issues.You have to admit, Durant has gone to another level of personal ability, getting more praise and recognition after the series against the Bucks than he did when the Warriors won back-to-back titles.But Durant has a fatal problem. He can lead by example and score on the floor, but he can’t lead. When it comes to pointing out and solving problems, Durant can see, but he can’t.Everyone knows what the nets’ problem is. One is Kyrie irving.One is Nash, given the time, given the opportunity, can not type out the content, should change.Even Shaquille O ‘Neal didn’t give Irving any credit, saying on the show that if his team had been as “disruptive” as irving was during the championship window, he would have punched him.But Durant chose to stay silent, chose to “respect” Irving.And in response to Nash’s overuse of him, Durant took the blame, rooting for Nash and Kyrie irving just as he did for Westbrook in Oklahoma City and Spray in Golden State.It’s hard to imagine kobe Bryant and Lebron James sitting on their hands if that happens. Even coach Frank Vogel is under pressure to resign, but Nash is sitting tight.It’s time for Kevin Durant to be decisive, leave golden State for a third year, make a super team, and get nothing.

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