“Hidden marriage abuse love: Cold ye proud concubine” throw in the towel, embarrassing demon this super sweet, praise such as tide!

Now many people do not know what novels to read, unknowingly to the book shortage period.So today xiaobian to recommend a few oneself gas high, high quality, good to see not stop the novel, I hope you can like, the following is a few novels I recommend to you “hidden marriage abuse love: Cold Ye proud wife” throw in the towel, embarrassing demon this super sweet, praise like tide!The first: “hidden marriage abuse love: cold ye proud charming wife” author: Green cen wave introduce: get card 3 years, she can be done only by him to hide in the darkness the wife however, suffer all satirize, see him to rise tall building for others, see him to feast guest for others, paralyze oneself always meeting to have a day however no sweet without pleasure.But because she could not give birth to the child, wait, after all, it is a piece of divorce agreement and a scarred.A narrow escape, losing everything.She is not a tool for childbirth, nor is she a pawn for revenge.She gets everything she owes her.Why she’s awesome: Married for three years, she hasn’t set foot in an office.This is also because song Muye insisted that the relationship between the two people was not open, so she was far away from all his venues, willing to be a hidden secret.”It’s your first day, and I hate being late.”Song Muye did not explain, glanced at her one eye, at the same time firmly dropped such a word, they went first.Go to work?Wen had no idea what he was talking about, but when he got home, he took a shower, changed his clothes, and asked the driver to take him outside the Youguang Group office building.It’s eight fifty-five.Although feel oneself come here, seem a little puzzling, but she still firmly remember song Muye’s provisions of nine.But when she got to the elevator door, she had a problem.Because you have to swipe your card to go upstairs, which she certainly doesn’t have.”Who are you looking for?”Asked the security guard, who came over immediately.(Click below to read for free) the second book: “The rest of my life with you, sweet and warm” author: Embarrassed demon introduction: just found that they will be pei Pei City consciousness possessed, Lin Yan is refused.Ming Ming was disco dancing at a bar, woke up, lying in the middle of nowhere.Ming Ming was playing video games at home and woke up standing on The Street of Europe.I was having a candlelight dinner with my god, and I woke up in the men’s room.I can’t live my life anymore!Later of Lin smoke – “big guy beg upper body, help me write a homework!””Big guy beg upper body, help me test a try!””Big guy beg upper body, help me chase after a male god!””Big man, I heard that giving birth to a child is very painful, so when I give birth to a child in the future, not as good as you…”Pei Yucheng: “…”Great content: “Uncle, this is…You have time to come, come to my company, we discuss in detail, if uncle does not believe, then we first sign the contract, in addition to double the price of the acquisition, the position of the person in charge, can also first sign the contract.”Lin Shuya whispered.As long as he Xiong is willing, so, the extreme light team, will completely fall into their own hands, she poured to see, Lin Smoke in her hands, but also can turn out what spray.”Lin Shuya, what you say is true or joke with me, I don’t have so much time to talk with you!”He Xiong way.’It’s not important, Uncle, what matters is the contract…Isn’t it.”Lin Shuya laughed.Moments later, He Xiong’s voice said, “Send me the address. I’ll go and look at it.”About two hours later, in Lin shuya’s office, He Xiong looked at the two contracts that had been signed, still in disbelief.”Dad, I told you, Shuja is not like that bitch!”Aside, he Mingkai’s eyes emerge inside a touch of excited color.”Shuya, uncle was wrong about you.”He Xiong toward Lin Shuya way.Lin Shuya shook her head, “Uncle, we are a family.”He Xiong looked at a paper contract, such as equity transfer, Lin Shuya is the largest shareholder of aurora team, when the time comes, he is in charge, what you want to do, even if he Dingkun did not have the right to stop him!Introduction: He is the president of Yan Feng Group, rich in power in Z country. His mysterious and elegant handsome appearance makes people follow him, but his cold cold makes people look forward to and stop.She’s the daughter of The Fashion Group, beautiful, smart and calm, followed by many, but tied to him.Five years ago, he suddenly disappeared five years later, his hard into her world, a tight he gave her a pampered, she just laugh he announced that he was not for him to get married with others, she is indifferent to surface water, resolutely on the day of his wedding for going abroad, she plane crash, news reports leave none survived his wedding, in spite of the threatening attitude of the life, a comprehensive human,Mad personally to find her but she buried the trap of love, lead him into the urn, finally declared “this man I want” a you go, I leave the pursuit of love, a evil fate, doomed to life entanglement, until his life was threatened, smiling back gently smile “you owe me, still not over want to die?”Li Shuichen slowly ate the shrimp in front of her and suddenly said, “Every couple has different ways to get along with each other. There is no such thing as not asking for advice. We can only discuss each other, right?”Lei Xinyue words in the meaning of words outside, is not to suggest that li water morning is a fool?He’s not the kind of person who lets others cut him down on the mat. He stands by Zhang Yanran, whether she intends it or not.”So Mr. Li knows a lot about these things?”Words easy leng hands on the knee, accidentally glance li shui Chen left to eat shrimp shell, tone indifferent.Li water morning heart can not help but have a bit of regret, after the meal, I do not know when to find the right opportunity and Zhang Yanran to get along again, he said easy edge really can not favor.Li Shuichen said with a smile, “When it comes to understanding, how can you compare with saying that you are the best?I don’t even have a girlfriend yet. You have a fiancee.””So Mr. Li doesn’t have a girlfriend?”Lei Xinyue gently blocked a little open lips, a cry of surprise, as if he did not have a girlfriend is how strange things in general.Li Shuichen waved to the waiter to remove the scraps of the table, I think this meal is defeated here, since they want to chat, then accompany them to have a good “chat”, soon, the table was restored to clean, at the same time more than two coconuts in front of them.(Click below to read for free) If you want to read other types of novels, you can click on the top of the profile picture, pay attention to xiaobian, all kinds of novels in the inside, then xiaobian will bring you more good articles recommended, let you from now on to say goodbye to the shortage of books.

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