National oil price adjustment information: Adjusted on March 29:92, 95 gasoline price list

The new round of retail prices for domestic refined oil products will be adjusted on Thursday evening, the eighth working day of the current oil price cycle, and the accumulative increase of oil prices is still 115 yuan/ton, the increase of more than 10 cents after translation.There are only 2 days left from the price adjustment date. If we can timely follow up the sharp drop in international oil prices, this round of oil prices may have the hope to lower!Refueling friends, first look at a point, there may be a chance to reverse?Due to the recent volatility of crude oil is frequent and large, please continue to pay attention to our subsequent news. The early forecast is for reference only.On March 29, the 8th working day, the forecast increase is 115 yuan/ton, which has broken the standard increase line (50 yuan/ton) and officially entered the increase range, translating to increase 0.09-0.10 yuan/liter.Oil price adjustment time: 24:00, March 31, 2022!International oil prices fell sharply on March 28.By the end of the day, light crude for May delivery fell $7.94, or 6.97%, to settle at $105.96 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.London Brent crude for May delivery fell $8.17, or 6.77%, to settle at $112.48 a barrel.Finally, let’s look at domestic oil prices: today, March 29, let’s look at some areas of gasoline and diesel quoted situation;Jiangsu Day 92 gasoline price 8.61 yuan/liter, 0 diesel price 8.29 yuan/liter;Qinghai oil price: Qinghai state six 92 gasoline today retail price is 8.61 yuan/liter;Qinghai state six 95# today’s gasoline price is 9.23 yuan/liter;Qinghai guo6 98# gasoline today is 10.05 yuan/liter;Qinghai 60 # diesel oil price today is 8.25 yuan/liter;Ningxia oil price: Lingwu Guo60 # diesel adjusted price of 8.21 yuan/liter;Lingwu guovi 92 gasoline price adjustment is 8.54 yuan/liter;Lingwu guo6 95 gasoline adjusted price of 9.02 yuan/liter;Lingwu guo6 98# gasoline adjusted price for 10.28 yuan/liter.

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