Nephew’s birthday I pack 500, sister-in-law too little mother-in-law request to send suite again: you still have to rely on nephew endowment

How many red envelopes do you usually give to your siblings’ children on their birthdays?Is it a token of affection, or is it a solemn affair?In fact, the child’s birthday, the most important thing is happy, as for the money more money less, completely unnecessary.After all, the family, there is no need to compare, there is no need to moral kidnapping.But some people are just so unreasonable.Obviously others have expressed the intention, but it happened that too little, but also family kidnapping others to prepare their own wishes and gifts.Such a person, others will only compromise once, the next time will be away.01, nephew’s birthday sister-in-law wrapped 500 red packets, sister-in-law too little Yang Min how did not expect, their children’s birthday, her brother’s daughter-in-law is to buy a toy or clothes, not more than 100 yuan.But even so, the mother-in-law and her brother’s wife felt they were treating Yang Min’s child well.Yang Min did not abandon, no matter what others bought, is a piece of other people’s mind, Yang Min did not refuse the reason.However, Yang Min herself can be happy, but when her nephew’s birthday, her brother’s wife and mother-in-law are not happy.Approaching the Chinese New Year, the little nephew celebrated his third birthday. His brother-in-law and his daughter-in-law loved the only son so much that they held a high-profile birthday party.After hearing the news, Yang decided to give her nephew a red envelope of 500 yuan as it was too late to buy gifts.According to the custom of the hometown, the old birthday, also need to seal the red envelope of 200 yuan.Considering that the nephew is her husband’s own nephew, Yang min decided to be generous and gave 500 yuan to her younger brother’s wife to buy toys or clothes for her nephew.As a result, Yang Min’s 500 yuan red envelope was not recognized by her in-laws, but rejected by her younger brother and daughter-in-law.The younger brother’s daughter-in-law said with disdain, “You are in such a good economic condition and your own nephew, so you should give 500 red envelopes. This is too little.”Sure enough, the more money, the less money.The mother-in-law asked the eldest daughter-in-law to send a suite of younger brother daughter-in-law, so that the living room was very busy suddenly quiet down.Yang Min looked at her husband awkwardly, and her husband was at a loss.After all, none of them had expected that their younger brother and daughter-in-law would be in trouble in front of everyone and dislike others for giving less red envelopes.When everyone is very embarrassed, the mother-in-law suddenly stood out, first criticized Yang Min stingy, their family how to only give 500 red envelopes, at least 1000 start?Then, the mother-in-law changed her mind and directly put forward a new requirement: or give the dowry house under your name to your nephew. Anyway, you have only one daughter in your house, and sooner or later you have to rely on your nephew to provide for the aged.What’s more, your family has money and a house, and nothing cheap outsiders, it is better to do personal love to the little nephew, your brother-in-law and younger brother daughter-in-law still remember your love.As soon as the mother-in-law’s words fell, the eyes of her brother-in-law and daughter-in-law suddenly lit up.They have long been jealous of the economic conditions of elder brother and sister-in-law, coupled with Yang Min is the only child in the family, parents also have a pension and a lot of savings, therefore, elder brother and sister-in-law’s life than ordinary people are easy and safe.But this is bitter Yang Min, because Yang Min did not think of his good intentions to come back to the little nephew to send a birthday gift, as a result, the in-laws are thinking about their dowry house and her family’s property, this is really greedy.Daughter-in-law: My parents’ property, even if cheap outsiders, will not be cheap you face such an inch in the in-laws, Yang Min no longer had the original good mood.Her mother-in-law’s words, let her thoroughly see the face of the in-laws.Kui her for the husband, still all sorts of bear all the time, for fear of her husband’s discontent.Thinking of this, Yang Min no longer compromise, also no longer so easy to talk.She told her mother-in-law that even if I had only one daughter, it was not your place to worry about my family’s wealth.My wealth, even if it is cheap for others, will not be cheap for you.After that, regardless of her husband’s retention, Yang Min directly left her husband’s home with her daughter.As for later, her mother-in-law called to apologize and admit her mistake, Yang Min did not accept, and did not want to follow her husband back to her husband’s home for the New Year.Because she finally understand, in the eyes of her husband’s family, she is a piece of fat meat on the chopping block, who want to bite, anyway, such cheap, do not occupy white do not occupy.Think of their husband’s family fiercely caring, Yang Min felt goose bumps all over the stand up.She also wanted to understand, if the husband carry clear, not to her moral kidnapping, she does not mind to see in the husband’s face, to the greed of the in-laws of the eyes.But if the husband is confused, blindly favoring their own family, that she does not mind her husband clean body out of the house.Do you agree with what Yang Min did?

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