Rescue scene of a black butterfly is reluctant to leave for a long time, bow girl is you?

On March 28, the day after all the dust had settled and there were no signs of life, a black butterfly appeared at the rescue site and refused to leave.Firefighters at the scene gently held it up at the crash site, and many of them cried out, “Is that you, bow girl?”I hope you can return home as a butterfly.A bow-tied hairband found at the rescue site was recognized by her friends as belonging to a beautiful Yunnan girl who had just quit her job and was planning to do a job related to beauty.This time, she boarded the plane to meet her boyfriend, with whom she had been in love for years and had already met her parents.If it had not been for the accident, she might have been a bride before long.Check the girl’s social media account, she is beautiful and lovely, her boyfriend left messages on her social media account many times, and expressed his thoughts for her on the Internet.He said, “How can I live in a world without you? I feel like hugging you. We still have many promises that have not been fulfilled.I beg of you, call me back!

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