Romance of Zhang Zuolin (2) Father and son soldiers, tiger brothers

As the saying goes, “father and son are soldiers in battle, fighting tiger brothers”. Although Lao Zhang’s own brother died early, there are still a group of sworn brothers.When Liu Bang was fighting the world, he relied on Han Xin, Zhang Liang and Xiao he to help the civil servants and generals.Liu Bei fought by guan Zhang and Zhu Yuan Zhang, while Xu Datang and Li Shanchang fought by fellow huaixi men.Zhang Zuolin was no exception. He did not rely on himself in northeast China, but also on a group of “brothers” who were born in the same poverty and base as himself.The brother who influenced Zhang Zuolin the most should be Feng Delin. When Lao Zhang was a veterinarian, he knew this brother. Before long, Feng Delin took care of Zhang Zuolin.Later, however, Lao Zhang did not like to hang out with these bandits and decided that it was useless to hang out outside the system, so he broke away from Fung’s team and joined the system himself.Among all the brothers, the only one who can compete with Zhang Zuolin is Stephen Fung, who is the earliest bandit leader who covers the most land and has the most gangs.However, in his early years, Feng was very loyal and took care of his brothers. However, after entering the system, Lao Feng’s tolerance was no longer the same as in those days.In particular, he and Zhang Zuolin fought for the position of army division commander.Lao Zhang admired this elder brother very much. When he took refuge with him, he planned to be Fung’s younger brother.During the Russo-Japanese war, He helped the Japanese fight against the Russians, and was later defeated and arrested by the Russians.To know that the old MAO was not easy to mess with, in the face of MAO pressure, the Qing government had to shut down the original Old Feng’s “bureau”, Feng Was arrested to Vladivostok when coolie.Lao Zhang learned that Feng Lao SAN was arrested, it was understood that the Qing government did not give the disadvantages of the establishment.When Lao Feng did not enter the system, you see how dangerous it is to have no system.Be put back to the old feng returned to the northeast, again to the northeast boundary with Japanese investment and the old MAO dry, when Japan and MAO in the northeast boundary each other, the Qing government is neutral on the surface, but behind the Japanese.Compared to the Japs, the old Maos took the most power and land in northeast China.In order to counter the old MAO, Fung’s establishment was restored.After Yuan Shikai took office as president, his confidant Duan Zhigui was arranged to the Northeast. From then on, the two brothers targeted the lucrative job of Mukden general.After the two brothers drove duan Zhigui away, they began to hit the Mukden leader’s idea.In order to contain the forces of several factions in the northeast, Yuan shikai assigned the 27th and 28th divisions to his two brothers and made them compete with each other.But Zhang is good at sucking up, especially to Duan Zhigui, which makes Duan prefer Lao Zhang to Lao Feng.Therefore, Duan Zhigui always likes to speak ill of Feng Laosan in front of Lao Yuan, which makes Lao Yuan dislike Feng Laosan.So he gave Zhang Zuolin the military affairs of Fengtian and let Feng Laosan be Zhang Zuolin’s assistant, which is what we call the second in command.Feng laosan was not happy with Lao Yuan’s appointment, so he was reluctant to take office. Finally, he had to ask his eldest brother, Ma Longtan, to be a peacemaker.Although on the surface accepted the appointment, but the actual zhang Zuolin early dissatisfaction.He instigated Tang Yulin and Zhang Zuolin against him, and was dismissed by Zhang Zuolin after a fruitless defeat.To add to his confusion, he went to join the restoration led by Zhang Xun. The failure of the restoration not only upset Duan Chi-jui, but also upset all the people in the northeast.Because this thing feng Laosan was almost caught in, thanks to Zhang Zuolin’s mediation, put out after a few months, never recovered after a fall.One of his sons, Feng Yong, founded Feng Yong University, which was later incorporated into Northeastern University.And a piece of old Zhang make “join the gang” there are four elder brother Tang Yulin, Tang Yulin people send nickname “two tiger”, this elder brother is really more “tiger”.That year and Zhang Zuolin is not a brother, but zhang Zuolin’s old rival sea sand under the two headed.Sea sand dead to duel with Zhang Zuolin, old Zhang’s marksmanship is a gun killed the sea sand.Yulin saw the man extraordinary skill, so he followed Zhang Zuolin.Zhang Zuolin because of the Dead Sea sand, so just successfully through the official “civil servant exam”, and happy “son” and “brother” each one.Lao Zhang had a son and got a promotion, so he named his son Shuang Xi. In fact, he should have called his son SAN Xi. Isn’t this a brother?Later, however, the tang brothers were particularly able to “screw around”, because they were from the old school and liked to have a hard fight with the new school, especially wang Yongjiang, the new head of the police.And zhang Zuolin appointed officials, is also proud of the credit.Originally, Zhang Zuo-Lin wanted to appoint Zhang Zuo-xiang as his teacher, but Lao Tang was really not satisfied. He took off his clothes in front of Zhang Zuo-Lin, counted his military achievements (scars left by the battle), and told Lao Zhang which point he was not as good as Zhang Zuo-xiang.Zhang Zuolin to the brother is also “headache”, was later instigated by Feng Delin and Lao Zhang “war”, but the two goods are not Lao Zhang’s opponent, Lao Zhang picked up the stampeding.Later zhang Zuolin is more humane, not down, otherwise, Tang Yulin this help “operation”, may be zhang Zuolin to be shot.In fact, the best relationship with Zhang Zuo-lin should be Zhang Zuo-xiang, the two names of a word, many people think they are brothers, but in fact, it is not.Zhang Zuolin was from Haicheng, and Zhang Zuoxiang was from Jinzhou, hundreds of miles apart.Zhang Zuoxiang was also from a poor family. When he was young, his brother was killed by bandits. Later, he went to kill bandits and became a bandit.This brother compared to Tang Yulin that is really “righteousness”, Zhang Zuolin was killed, the whole northeast can be said to be leaderless, they want to recommend a respected old school to do the boss.Push to push to have to choose zhang Zuoxiang, thus visible zhang Zuoxiang in the northeast of all circles in the mind of the position.However, Zhang Zuoxiang did not miss this position. He firmly believed that he had been a green leaf all his life, and it was Lao Zhang’s son who could really dominate the northeast. Therefore, Zhang Xueliang could not become the leader of the three northeastern provinces without Zhang Zuoxiang’s strong recommendation.After Guo Guizi mutiny, how to deal with the rebels under guo Guizi hand is a thorny matter?At that time all the generals including Yang Yuting advocate “kill no forgiveness”, the guo Guizi soldiers all killed.On the surface is to eliminate guo Devil “surplus evil”, in fact is to eliminate zhang Xueliang’s forces.Only Zhang Zuoxiang will zhang Xueliang and Guo Songling under the effective force to save, no Zhang Zuoxiang would not have zhang Xueliang later commander of the army.Zhang Zuoxiang was easy-going and approachable, loved by soldiers, but also very smart and able to do moderation in the face of righteousness.When Zhang Xueliang took this important responsibility, he said to Zhang in private sincerely, “Xiao Sixth son (Xueliang’s name), you can rest assured that you can do well, we will support you.On the public side, if we disobey your orders, you may bring martial law against us;But secretly, you’re my nephew, and if you don’t do your job well, I’ll box your ears when nobody’s around.”Thus, we can see zhang Zuoxiang’s integrity.Later, after he retired, the Manchukuo invited him to take up a higher position, but Zhang Zuoxiang remained unmoved, that his brother Zhang Jinghui took office as the prime minister of the Manchukuo, he simply cursed traitors.Even when Chiang kai-shek invited him to Taiwan on the eve of the Liberation War, he did not go until he died of illness in 1949.Compared with tang Yulin and Zhang Jinghui, Zhang Zuoxiang did not let Lao Zhang “worry”, but he believed that he was not the life of the leader, so he always played a supporting role in front of the two zhangs.Zhang Zuolin’s brothers, the most spineless should be Zhang Jinghui, he is a few brothers inside the only traitors, but also the northeast in addition to Puyi’s biggest traitors.Zhang Jinghui’s family is also very poor, is selling tofu.Early mixed track in each big casino, developed a “god of gambling” ability.This brother in Zhang Zuolin’s side is not prominent, status is not as good as Feng Delin, not as good as Tang Yulin, obedient is not as good as Zhang Zuoxiang and Wu Junsheng, the brother was zhang Zuolin’s right hand in the early years, zhang Zuolin is also very worship.But in terms of ability, this brother is not as good as other brothers, and was almost shot by Zhang Zuolin once.During the first Zhifeng War, Zhang Jinghui was famous for his “fear of death”. Before the war began, he led a group of brothers to flee. Since there was no leader to command, the Feng army was routed all the way.Angry Zhang Zuolin to shoot Zhang Jinghui, but for the face of the old mother, old Zhang really did the brother.Zhang Jinghui is relatively low-key, this is mainly the brother is not good at war, afraid of death or the first.After the 918 event, the Japanese want to use Zhang Zuolin’s old department to manage the northeast, but Wu Sun died early, tang Zhang and two people do not go when, calculate to calculate to the prestige of the highest or Zhang Jinghui.By virtue of Zhang Jinghui’s troops is not the kwantung Army’s opponent, since he can not win the Kwantung Army fortunately surrendered.Because he was Zhang Zuolin’s brother, he became the prime minister of the Puppet Manchukuo.However, Zhang Jinghui is still more human. When Zhang Zuolin was blown up, he did not even have time to bury his body. It was The Prime Minister of the “Manchukuo” Zhang Jinghui who helped him repair the tomb and buried Zhang Zuolin.However, he was branded as a traitor and finally died in the administration office of war criminals. He was the oldest of these brothers at the age of 88.Among these brothers, the least famous is Sun Liechen.If we hadn’t taken him out, we probably wouldn’t have known about him.Sun Liechen died early, in 1924, and little is known about him.The most interesting brother should be Wu Junsheng, who ranks second and is the oldest brother after Malongtan.However, Wu Junsheng is a timid nature, and a whole body is wrong.The only advantage is very close relationship with Zhang Zuolin, in the Emperor Gu Tun event, old Wu and Old Zhang died in the same train, it can be said that Wu Junsheng is afraid of Zhang Zuolin at the same time also admire Zhang Zuolin.It is said that the Chinese New Year, Wu Junsheng like to give Zhang Zuolin’s children red envelopes, generous he gave Zhang Xuelang 5000 pieces, was zhang Zuolin saw the scold Wu Junsheng: don’t whole this thing, have this time to return to Heilongjiang to do a good job, don’t let the northeast people scold me Zhang Zuolin ancestors.Wu Junsheng was scared to Zhang Zuolin kowtow.Wu Junsheng is short, fat, stuttering and not smart. When he was young, his tongue was frozen, so he was nicknamed wu Big tongue.Once someone brought a banana, this Wu Second did not know banana, thought banana and northeast eggplant about the same, so eat a piece of meat with the belt.Wu Elder brother life does not smoke opium does not drink, however the hobby is quite rich also.He loved horses and women, and he kept 3,000 horses in Heilongjiang, turning Qiqihar into a horse farm.The other was women. Although Wu Lao was not as good as Zhang Zongchang’s group of wives, he had as many wives and concubines as Zhang Zongchang. The youngest was only 14 years old.Chun-sheng wu ability not line, but from life style looks really “the warlords”, this guy looks simple and honest heart is very cunning, exploitation in recent years all don’t know how much people benefits, zhang zuolin humiliating, the key is all in the name of zhang zuolin, so in this help brothers also ability is insufficient, prestige.Tang Yulin was a driver, Zhang Zuoxiang was a mason, Zhang Zuolin was a veterinarian, and Sun Lichen was a cloth dyer.The only one with the best family background was their eldest brother, Ma Longtan. Ma Longtan’s father was General Zhenwei, who was born in a family of the second generation of officials and the second generation of rich people.It is said that his handwriting is so excellent that he can sell his works for thousands of dollars after they are written.It is certainly possible for such a person to be the eldest brother. However, Zhang Zuolin was always afraid of Ma Longtan’s talent and prestige. He was afraid that Ma Longtan would replace him.In general, Zhang Zuolin’s success will not depend on these brothers alone, because these brothers have different personalities and different abilities. Some have outstanding abilities but are not very obedient.His success also lies in zhang Zuolin’s ability to know who can be used and who can not be used.This is also the reason why Lao Zhang was able to establish a foothold in northeast China.But warlords are warlords all the time, and they are not without their warlord customs, and they represent a force, a force of the old school.So what should these old-school forces do with the tide of The Times?

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