Shandong Branch of POSTAL Savings Bank and Linshang Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On the afternoon of February 14th, the signing ceremony of comprehensive cooperation agreement and digital RMB strategic cooperation agreement between PSBC Shandong Branch and Linshang Bank was held.Under this agreement, PSBC Shandong Branch and Linshang Bank will jointly build an open digital RMB ecosystem, build a digital RMB application sharing platform, and promote complementary advantages and mutual benefit.Both sides to sign this as an opportunity to effective integration platform, user resources, market, technology, further deepen the financial markets, trade finance, information technology, financial product innovation and all-round cooperation, and actively promote digital yuan technology research and development, application scenarios, such as customer service work, a new banking trade cooperation model,For linyi economic and social high-quality development to provide solid financial security.Li Xiaoliang, Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of PSBC Shandong Branch, rong Hongzhi, Standing Member of the CPC Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of PSBC Shandong Branch attended the meeting.Li Jian, a reporter of the present newspaper

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