The child is sick, after all should go to the hospital to see a doctor?The answer is yes

When it comes to illness, 80 percent of people think it’s a silly question whether they should look at it or not.Would we care less about our bodies?But in real life, most people will think that seeing a doctor is not necessary, it is self-healing.A trip to the hospital and spending time on the way to and from the hospital, waiting for a diagnosis and a test report, germs, viruses, cold weather, and other factors make seeing a doctor a pointless task?Yesterday in my strong suggestion, only then is willing to release, the old man to see her, half a day off, results, Eva is spirit to walk everywhere, come back after one night, they make a cocktail, rice also don’t want to eat, don’t want to speak, very not easy back under the high fever, after repeated cough again, rest is bad, rebound again.At this time, the elderly and loved ones at home will say, you see, yesterday should not have gone, at home may not be worse.In the face of such doubts, in a similar situation, how do we solve?Is it really a wrong thing to take a baby to see a doctor?Faced with the above doubts, my answer is still to see a doctor!First, no one is a doctor, no matter how experienced they are, they will stumble. Diseases are a large net, and the human body is a complex system. Seemingly ordinary symptoms hide side missions from time to time.The first few times my baby had the same fever, cough, stuffy nose and other cold symptoms.In order to avoid exacerbating the illness by going out for medical treatment, the disease was controlled after experiential medication.This time the heat rushed to 38.8 degrees, merrill lynch, azithromycin, Chinese patent medicine qingrejiedu, all on.The fever went down three days ago, and while I was intoxicated with myself, I coughed and wept and my nose flowed like a stream.A look at this posture, do not stop, hurriedly take baby to see a doctor.Although the procedure is routine drawing blood, waiting for the report, reading the report, prescribing medication.The whole process was completed in one go. Fortunately, the blood was normal and the mood was better than half.I thought that after taking cough medicine, can be stopped in time, but I know that the small potion only two or three hours, and a violent cough, cough can not stop, my grandmother had to hold sleep, still no miracle effect.Overnight, baby and the old man at home are tired, the next day on behalf of the new battle.The aggravation of symptoms is not completely caused by cold or fatigue, but the progression of the disease.If you do not see a doctor, blindly hide at home, without the corresponding medicine to keep up with the treatment, you are also at a loss, wandering in the heart.Although sometimes the results will be the same or even worse, the timely grasp of the course of disease, examination report tracking is an important checkpoint to help doctors understand the disease.A small illness neglected will eventually lead to a serious one.The 2nd, children disease develops speed, often exceed the imagination space of our adult 3 days ago, blood elephant report is normal, how to pass a day, rise to leukocyte of a sudden ten twenty thousand?Did I not take proper care of myself?There are often a lot of treasure mother or old people have this question, often blame each other, if at first more careful, maybe not so?In fact, the proper care of daily life, has been able to cope with the usual small problems.However, when the disease changes, even the most careful care can not resist the changes in the disease.The human body is a self-regulating system, and once viruses and bacteria invade the body, there are corresponding protection mechanisms.In the words of Traditional Chinese medicine, “the positive qi is stored inside, and the evil can not be done”.The body’s immune cells devour viruses and bacteria, as well as cough, stuffy nose, and fever.Everyone is competing with each other, chasing each other, and the intense fighting scenes are exactly like those of a blockbuster movie, but we can’t see them.Immunity is like a level in a game.At the beginning, send soldiers to kill the enemy, quickly won the first wave of victory.Later, the enemy’s armed forces improved, soldiers could not resist, retreat, and sent generals and other generals to suppress.That’s why, after one day, white blood cells proliferate.It seems that the heat is rising, in fact, the baby body’s immune cells recruit, and the virus, bacteria are in a fierce fight.When strength is not enough, antibiotics are also needed to provide auxiliary role, Chinese patent medicine to mildly kill poison and protect the spleen and stomach.So when will the winner be decided?Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water and eat plenty of food.If we have enough food and ammunition, we can fight a sure battle.As for the time limit, it depends on how strong the baby’s resistance is.It’s a time like this when you’re a parent, you can’t be anxious.Your ease of company, is her strong rear force.Don’t have a strict schedule for eating, sleeping, and drinking.If she’s tired and just wants to sleep, let her sleep first so she can eat and drink.If she has a fever and no appetite for food, drink water and fruit first to provide the necessary energy, and then slowly on a light diet.If she cries incessant, do not take medicine well, first calm down emotions, divert attention, eliminate other risk factors, such as high fever, abdominal pain, headache, vomiting and other acute factors.Emotional irritability caused by simple discomfort requires patience to encourage and affirm.To sum up the child is sick, to see a doctor is to understand the development of the disease, to be able to change in the disease, through examination and treatment, timely intervention.Instead of just waiting.Passive waiting does not lead to a quick recovery of the disease, but risks burying the seeds of the disease.And for their own diseases, but also through medical treatment, under the guidance of doctors to take relevant drugs, more safe and assured.Sometimes seeing a doctor is a round and round thing with no effect, but buy a rest assured, why not, even if the process is very troublesome, very painful, still want to do this thing, until the day of recovery of the disease, only to find that the suffering experienced in front of the significance of persistence.

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