Zhangjiajie Airport: We are always on the way to improve service quality

Massachusetts moment zhangjiajie April 8 – (correspondent Wen-ting wu) service quality is the endogenous power, to promote the development of civil aviation high quality since march, zhangjiajie airport ground security organization to carry out series of service quality improvement, promote the building of “le xiang agent” service brand, with satisfaction as the yardstick, start from scratch, from the key breakthrough, strive to improve service levels,Create a new image of high-quality service window.In order to accelerate the improvement of the comprehensive quality of service personnel, zhangjiajie Airport specially invited internationally certified senior etiquette trainers, senior color matching engineers and personal image management consultants to carry out a 4-day service etiquette quality improvement training for all staff of the Ground Support Department at the end of March.Training contents include the “sunshine state of mind and high quality service consciousness” “image and etiquette and service with a smile” “terms of service and service code of conduct” civilization “service code of conduct behavior training” “show comprehensive training and assessment of etiquette” and other professional knowledge, and connecting with the working practice, one for each post service process to the scene teaching and scene simulation instruction,It aims to further deepen the memory of employees and improve the practical application of service etiquette in daily work.After the training, Zhangjiajie Airport immediately implemented a one-month landing instruction and supervision management, requiring employees to form muscle memory through repeated practice and consolidation of movements, so as to achieve the goal of standardized service etiquette.Create the wonderful travel experience zhangjiajie airport in promoting comprehensive service quality fluctuation kongfu, launched the first passenger guide service, making the first take passengers to send warm implementation plan, the service jobs moved forward, in the main location of the terminal are more “first by guides”, for the first time for passenger travel offers information to guide and assist the check-in “one-stop” services;Improve the service experience of transfer passengers, fully cooperate with Changsha Airport to do a good job in the “Long Flight” transfer service brand, realize the “one ticket to the end, baggage directly hanging” service for domestic transfer passengers, and improve the collaborative support capacity;Strengthen the publicity of “paperless” customs clearance service, arrange special personnel to guide and assist passengers to use self-check-in equipment, reduce the waiting time in line, and effectively improve passengers’ service efficiency and service experience;Focus on special passenger travel demand, launched “easy suit” warm family service, innovative design “love service” posted “no service”, the key to build elderly passenger “no health code” check channel, to pick up, send machine real-time delivery flight information, and releasing badge labeling for pregnant women, to facilitate the staff inside the building in each link to provide employees with special care, perfect service breakpoints,Boost the refined service process, and effectively improve the satisfaction and happiness of special passengers.In the next stage of service brand upgrading, Zhangjiajie Airport will continue to improve the construction of “Le Xiang Yong” service brand, integrate and make good use of service resources, organize and cultivate service sub-brands, and promote and innovate a series of service measures.Improving luggage service experience, the introduction of baggage tracking system, for the passenger baggage implanted electronic tag, as the foundation of the follow-up process to provide electronic identification, on-line baggage location tracking visualization system, make passenger baggage location tracking visualization, and reach the luggage visualization live, increase the passenger of checked baggage “security”.Implementation of navigation self-help qr code, provide passengers with flight displays, WeChat, SMS, radio an unified message service coverage, four passengers scan qr code, system the flight state and gate change information can be pushed to passenger cell phones, click on the links can be directly obtained flight delay certificate, realize upgrade online operations.Priority boarding in subclass has been upgraded, and priority boarding in subclass has been introduced to accommodate special passengers and take the back seat first. Rapid and orderly boarding can be realized through the public address system and guidance in subclass by special personnel.In recent years, Zhangjiajie Airport, based on its own development status and details, has made great efforts to promote the improvement of service quality, constantly integrating the connotation of sincere service into every detail of security, so that passengers can enjoy a more comfortable, convenient and safe flight experience.

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