Four changes are expected to happen to Chinese women’s volleyball team after CAI Bin’s appointment. Li Yingying may usher in a transformation

Inventory has served after the Chinese women’s volleyball team is expected to produce the four changes, Li Yingying or its metamorphosis is well known, recently about has served the issues relating to Chinese women’s volleyball team coach is among the broad masses of fans, but it seems to small make up after the veteran coach who can bring what changes to Chinese women’s volleyball team’s fans should focus on top priority,So what are they?Here are the four major changes that CAI Bin is expected to make to The Chinese women’s volleyball team.The first big change: The thinking of Chinese women’s volleyball team will change.Different managers have a different way of thinking about how to play, so even two managers with similar styles will have different ideas.CAI Bin gives the impression to the fans that he is very stable. But what different playing ideas can he bring to the Chinese women’s Volleyball team at the tournaments, Asian Games and World Championships?Let’s wait and see.The second big change: the free agent position is expected to be filled by less promising players.It is well known that veteran Wang Mengjie and Lin Li fought in the international battlefield more times in the whole Tokyo Olympic Cycle.However, in the new Paris Olympic Cycle, as Coach CAI Bin said, a full coverage of the women’s volleyball team will be established. I believe that the position of free players will change to some extent, and the potential players such as Ni Feifan will take on heavier tasks and compete in more international matches.The third change: The goal of The Chinese women’s volleyball team in international competitions will change.Throughout the Tokyo Olympic Games period, Chinese women’s volleyball team in the Olympic Games, world championships and World Cup are moving in the direction of the highest podium to of, but when the trough of Chinese women’s volleyball team, the players present new old alternate, the new head coach of Chinese women’s volleyball team has just arrived, so the recent Chinese women’s volleyball team for their expectations are conservative, targets set by the trust will not too high,Because the ultimate goal is to get the best result in Paris, so the World Women’s Volleyball League and world Championships will have a good result, but it is a little difficult to get the top podium.The fourth change: Li Yingying may usher in metamorphosis.Just like a big family, the elder sister can always take care of her younger siblings in life and work.In fact, this theory is the same in the women’s volleyball arena. When Zhang Changning or Zhu Ting are on the court, Li Yingying is just like a little sister, and she has certain determination and determination to win the match.However, at the difficult moment of The Chinese women’s volleyball team, with the uncertainty of the return time of Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning, Li Yingying may really usher in a transformation.Without the protection of the “big sister”, whether from their own attack, a pass, defense and other skills, or from the psychological is a great test for her, can highlight the closing to the eyes of the majority of fans will see her own performance.Do you think these four changes are possible?I am HongKong HongKong chat women’s volleyball team, want to know more about the latest information of women’s volleyball tournament, then follow me.

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