His wife, 33, filed for divorce after being reunited with her first love

Marriage is a family formed by a husband and wife. Only when the husband and wife are willing to work together for the family, can they find a sense of belonging in each other and lead a happy marriage life.Love should not be a solo dance, but should be the arrival of two people, only with a person’s pay and support of the family, it is difficult to long-term stability.On marriage, The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once said that the whole meaning of marriage lies in the little things of family life.This tells us that in order to be happy in a marriage, a couple should care about each other’s feelings in life, take responsibility for the family and grow together with each other.But in real life, some people do not know this truth, they only know how to pay attention to their own feelings, content with the status quo in the marriage life, until their partner changes heart and leaves, they just regret.Xiao Zhou (not his real name), 31, lives in Xiangtan, Hunan Province. He has been married to his wife Xiao Gao (not his real name) for nine years and they have a cute boy together.In the eyes of outsiders, Xiao Zhou’s married life is happy, but recently his wife Xiao Gao suddenly asked him to divorce, which makes xiao Zhou sleepless at night, the breakdown.Zhou said the reason for his wife’s unfeeling toward him was that she went to a classmates’ party, where she was reunited with her first boyfriend.Zhou said he didn’t think much of it when his wife suggested they go to a class reunion, but only realized something was wrong when a friend spotted Gao walking side by side with a strange man and sent him a picture of the two.At that time small week immediately call to his wife, but the wife did not answer the phone, later, small week asked his wife who is the man, the wife insisted that is just a customer, but in the small week repeatedly asked, the wife finally admitted that the man is her first love.Hearing this, zhou became so angry that he had a physical altercation with his wife and called the man to come and clear up the matter immediately.After receiving the call, the other party chose to call the police, and the matter was put to rest only after the wife assured Zhou that she would not interact with her first boyfriend in the future.Small week in order to maintain the integrity of the family, also chose to forgive his wife, but he did not think of is, before long, he looked at his wife’s mobile phone when he saw the man sent information.Small week again questioned his wife why also contact with the man, but the wife did not explain, but quarreled with small week, and threatened to divorce with small week.The wife will be small week’s circle of friends screen, and choose to sleep separately with small week, 8 days later, the wife in the way of litigation, unilaterally to small week put forward divorce.The behavior of the wife, your small week is extremely painful, he decides to go to the place where the wife works, look for the wife to say the thing clearly.Xiao Zhou found his wife, Xiao Gao, in a private room at foot Bath City.See her husband arrival, xiao Gao appears very indifferent, she bluntly, she and xiao Zhou two people have no need to negotiate, she has been determined to remove the marriage between two people.Xiao Zhou asked his wife, “It’s only eight days since I found your chat record with your first boyfriend. Are you too anxious?”Xiao Gao said the man, Surnamed Zhang (pseudonym), was indeed her first boyfriend, but they had not spoken to each other for eight years. They met again at a party not long ago, but they treated each other as normal friends and never crossed the line.But xiao Zhou asked his wife, “Didn’t you say you like him personally, and you want to be with him?”Zhou said he asked his wife’s first boyfriend, ‘What’s going on between you and my wife?When did it happen?To which he replied, “It started more than a decade ago. So what happened?”Xiao Zhou also questioned the existence of an ambiguous relationship between his wife and her first boyfriend in front of his mother-in-law.However, in the face of Zhou’s inquiry, his wife Xiao Gao explained that so what happened when I said, I meant more than ten years ago.Gao insisted that she and Zhang were just friends and wanted to break up their marriage a long time ago because she felt Zhou was irresponsible and had never spent a single yuan on her family.Originally, small tall than small week big two years old, they two people are to get acquainted with through blind date, two people only know one hundred days, in the arrangement of their parents, held a wedding, therefore, two people and no emotional basis.At the beginning of their marriage, Xiao Zhou was only 21 years old, which was a playful age. Therefore, most of the burden of the family was borne by his wife xiao Gao. They had been married for many years, and Xiao Zhou never gave his salary to his wife, who made money to support himself and their children.Such life, make xiao Gao cannot see hope, she thinks the husband is to be able to grow originally, feeling also can cultivate, but she and xiao Zhou marry 9 years, two people did not cultivate from beginning to end an unbreakable feeling.Xiao Gao said she married for her parents when she was young, and now, at 33, she just wants to live for herself.”What my wife said was generally true, but the way she expressed it was hurtful,” Zhou said. “Once, when he was in a traffic accident, he was the first one to call his wife, but she told him, ‘What’s the use of calling me?Zhou said that he has been growing up over the years, and he still has feelings for his wife. He hoped that for the sake of their children, she could give him another chance to restart their happy married life.But xiao Gao expresses definitively however attitude, she and xiao Zhou had no room for maneuver, in old marital life, her heart is already as dead ash.To see his wife’s attitude, small week can only choose to let go, he said, small high a woman is not easy, if the lawsuit divorce, she also spend thousands of yuan fee, not as his calm let go.After negotiation, their son is raised by Xiao Gao, and Xiao Zhou needs to give his son 1,000 yuan a month.At this point, xiao Gao and xiao Zhou’s marriage story, will also be declared over.Emotional analysis: About marriage, French writer Romain Roland in the book “Mother and Son”, once said such a sentence: the only greatness of marriage, lies in the only love, two hearts loyal to each other.What this sentence brings us is that the basis of a stable marriage relationship is mutual loyalty between husband and wife. The more deeply you love someone, the more you cannot accept his betrayal of your marriage.In the marriage story of Xiao Zhou and Xiao Gao, because Xiao Zhou can’t accept his wife going out alone with her first boyfriend, the discontent accumulated in his wife’s marriage for many years breaks out in an instant, making their marriage relationship difficult to sustain, which is really a sad thing.If Xiao Zhou had been more responsible in his marriage life, paid more to his family, and grown up together with his wife, perhaps his marriage would not have ended as it is now.From the marriage story of Xiao Zhou and Xiao Gao, we can get the following three enlightenments: first, a stable marriage relationship is built on the basis of feelings between husband and wife.Marriage is not the mere addition of a man and a woman, but the true union of feelings.Xiao Zhou and Xiao Gao are acquainted with each other through blind date, when two people know only 100 days, they walk into marriage below the arrangement of both parents, such marital relationship, destined to be devoid of emotional foundation.Because of this, Xiao Gao finally separated from her husband resolutely. In a good marriage relationship, there needs to be an emotional foundation between husband and wife, which can make the couple still go forward hand in hand in adversity when they encounter setbacks in their marriage life.Second, in a good marriage, couples need to grow together.When Xiao Zhou and Xiao Gao got married, he was only 21 years old, because he was at the age of fun, he did not know how to pay for the family, which made the burden of supporting the family, most of the pressure on his wife Xiao Gao.Marriage is a two-person affair, which requires both husband and wife to grow up together and contribute to the family together. However, Xiao Zhou’s lack of identity as a husband in the marriage also makes his wife feel that he is not indispensable.If Xiao Zhou could grow up with his wife and help her share the responsibility of making money for the family, perhaps she would not choose to leave after disappointment.In marriage, husband and wife have a duty to be faithful to each other.In a good marriage, the husband and wife have a duty to be faithful to each other. They consider each other’s feelings in everything they do and do not go out alone with the opposite sex without telling each other.The behavior that xiao Gao goes out alone with first love male friend, it is to make xiao Zhou cannot accept, and the move that Xiao Gao conceals him after the event, more make xiao Zhou collapses unceasingly.If Xiao Gao had been the first to talk to her husband when she was upset, rather than to outsiders, and encouraged her husband to be more mature in their marriage, maybe she and Xiao Zhou would have had a happier marriage.(Image from the Internet, deleted)

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