Hou Youyi’s Spring Festival inspection, public Shouting “elect leaders”, top political reputation

China Taiwan network February 2 – The year of the Tiger New Year on the second day, Taiwan island people according to custom, have returned home for the holiday.The Kuomintang (KMT) mayor of Xinbei, Hou Youyi, visited yingge Yongji Park to inspect quarantine measures and interact with local neighborhood leaders.Interestingly, during hou’s visit, he was frequently asked by enthusiastic people to take photos of him, and some shouted whether he would like to be elected as the leader of Taiwan in 2024. However, he did not respond much, but only happily replied to the people “Happy New Year”.New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi visited Yingge Yongji Park today to inspect quarantine measures and interact with local neighborhood leaders.A recent survey of the popularity of political figures in Taiwan has shown that Eric Chu, chairman of the Kuomintang Party of China, has lost support, while Hou Youyi, mayor of New Taipei City, is the most popular politician in Taiwan.In this regard, The Chinese Kuomintang Hsinchu county councilman Chen Zhengshun interviewed pointed out that The current disadvantage of Eric Chu is constantly being repaired by the Green Network army, as in those days the green Network army beat Korea Yu pattern, and the green Network army’s next step is to closely watch Hou Youyi, once he is ready to run for 2024, will be hit by the network army.Because as long as it is any want to rob with green camp “big” person, net army will not let go.Chen cheng Shun said he often encouraged Chu to continue to promote party affairs at the usual pace and procedure, without being influenced by others.Because many seemingly Chinese kuomintang internal “contradictions”, in fact, are in the green army.After all, the island’s media is now mainly controlled and dominated by green Camp, which can be seen from the previous outbreak in Taoyuan to Hsinchu. As a result, the news mostly criticized The KMT mayor of Hsinchu Yang Wenke, but rarely criticized the DPP mayor of Hsinchu Lin Zhijian.When it comes to Hou Youyi high on the island’s political prestige the first, not only kept topped the poll title, Chen Zhengshun with own three-term senator experience analysis, if 2024 Hou Youyi really fight for “big”, so the repair will be green net, like the past Han Guoyu, now Eric chu, as long as the representative for the “big a” blue camp, green cyber army won’t let go,It doesn’t matter who it is.(Wang Siyu, China Taiwan Network)

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