Huangling Branch of Transportation and Marketing Group started internal cooperation container business

Sanqin Metropolis Daily – Sanqin network news reporter Yang Daili (Wang Jingyi, Zhang Yuanmeng, our reporter Yang Daili) loaded 47 groups of 94 containers, full of 3008 tons of coal train, from the no. 1 coal warehouse loading station slowly out, to Meijiaping station, marking the huangling branch of transport and marketing group internal cooperation container business officially started.Since the first quarter, Huangling Branch of Transportation and Marketing Group has targeted the group’s special assessment requirements on coal supply and container shipping volume of internal cooperative enterprises.Company leaders attach great importance to, from various aspects, overall planning, to ensure the orderly progress of the work.First, implement the refined management requirements of the Group, strengthen communication and cooperation among various departments of the company, optimize the work process, realize information sharing and interworking, and improve the quality of internal operation;The second is to give full play to the advantages of container transportation, provide guarantee for the transformation of transportation structure for small and medium-sized coking coal users without special lines, proactively assess the needs of users, ensure the pickup capacity of users, and continuously strengthen the professional knowledge training of relevant business personnel to ensure the standardization and stability of container shipping operation;Third, strengthen on-site management, improve the capacity of shipping support, adhere to the principle of “fast loading express”, strengthen on-site supervision and guidance of loading, give priority to the supply of internal enterprises, maximize the release of loading system capacity, and constantly improve the loading and shipping efficiency;Fourth, strengthen external communication with mining companies, vehicle service sections and offices, timely understand mine production, inventory and loading conditions, plan and coordinate railway empty car resources, take the initiative to pay attention to user needs, and provide a strong basis for sales decisions.In the process of exploring bigger &railway base, distribution group huangling branch railway increase shipments to seize opportunities, insight into market demand, intensify the development of the potential users of container, broaden the existing capacity allocation, increase the ability of resources abroad, improving the system of green marketing, many measures simultaneously, to trains the incremental ChanYunXiao multi-win situation.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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