Provincial education department urgent notice!We stressed preparedness and response to severe cooling

According to the forecast of the provincial meteorological Bureau, there will be a large-scale snowfall and freezing weather process from January 27 to 29 in Our province. The phase of rain and snow is complex, with a large amount of local snow and a wide range of freezing rain.Starting from the evening of The 31st, there will be a strong low temperature rain and snow freezing weather process in the province.At present, the province has launched a level iv emergency response to low temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster.In accordance with the spirit of the executive meeting of the provincial government on January 26, in order to effectively do a good job in the prevention and response to the low-temperature rain and snow weather, and ensure the safety of teachers and students’ lives and school property, we hereby notify the following matters urgently:To immediately implement the provincial government executive meeting of the spirit, and to timely and fully estimates the strong cool weather may cause damage, according to the unified deployment, the party committees and governments around the rely on and not rely on, detailed measures and careful deployment, as actively, solid, strong cool weather to keep away to strengthen safety management and service life of teachers and students in the security,Prevent the occurrence of campus safety accidents, maximize to ensure the safety of the majority of teachers and students.Second, strengthen safety education.Want to immediately carry out round the safety education and prompt, strengthen the teachers and the students awareness and at the same time remind parents to strengthen child safety education and supervision, resolutely avoid without authorization to the icy river, river, pond, reservoir and roads to walk or play and accidents such as drowning, hurt, resolutely prevent for heating outlaw small fire, poisoning choke disaster accident.Three, strengthen hidden trouble investigation.To immediately organize the school buildings (including staff dormitories), under construction, sports facilities and wires, trees, pipelines and other safety inspection and inspection, do not miss a school, do not let go of a hidden danger, to prevent rain, snow and freezing weather caused by safety accidents.During the freezing rain and snow, all construction projects under construction will be stopped to resolutely prevent mass deaths and injuries.We should pay close attention to the surrounding environment of the school and cooperate with relevant departments to eliminate potential geological hazards.Fourth, strengthen emergency guard.Strictly implement the “Hunan Province Low-temperature Rain, Snow and Freezing Disaster Emergency Plan (Trial)”, formulate and implement work measures according to the emergency response level.Strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty system and the leadership shift system, once discovering disaster, timely report to the local Party Committee, government and higher education departments.All personnel on duty must stick to their posts and fulfill their duties. Those who leave their posts without permission, dereliction of duty, fail to fulfill their responsibilities and work is not in place will be held accountable seriously once found.Source: Hunan Provincial Department of Education, Hunan Micro Education Editor-in-chief | Yi Xiaoqiu proofread | Xiao Bai editor | Xiao Bai

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