“Social Science Review” Chinese youth, write the “most burning” song of ice and snow

On the day of the start of spring, the Beijing Winter Olympics kicked off.In the past few days, we witnessed the glorious moments of athletes winning MEDALS, but also remembered those who were determined and fearless in the competition. Among them, the most exciting moment must belong to 17-year-old Su Yiming and 18-year-old Gu Ailing.On the ice and snow, they wrote the “most burning” song of youth with courage and strength;At the press conference, they responded to all kinds of emergencies calmly, neither servile nor arrogant.There is no doubt that they are the outstanding youth representatives of China.They let the world see a new generation of Chinese youth in their heyday, to see the new generation of Chinese youth unity, self-reliance, self-confidence and humor.Each generation of youth has its own historical adventures.At present, our country is becoming stronger and more prosperous, our nation is undergoing great rejuvenation, and our people are leading a happier and better life.This era has brought up a new generation of Chinese young people, who are less hesitant and more determined;Less hesitant, more not afraid of challenges, dare to breakthrough;Less sheepish, more jovial and generous.The new era has brought up Chinese youth, and Chinese youth is also the most sensitive barometer of the era.The ideals, beliefs, mental state and overall quality of the young generation are an important reflection of the vitality of a country’s development and an important factor to measure the core competitiveness of a country.It can be said that our era is worthy of the Chinese youth, and the Chinese youth will certainly create a Prosperous Era of China!The responsibility of the age is entrusted to the youth, and the glory of the age also belongs to the youth!Young people are dream interpreters, dream interpreters need courage, need to break through.Before taking part in the Winter Olympics, Su yiming and Gu Eiling have already attracted the attention of the world and made remarkable achievements in their respective fields. However, they did not stop there and strive for stability. Instead, they chose to show themselves and bravely break through themselves in the stage of the Winter Olympics, where strong people gather.Su yiming completed two 1800-degree turns in the competition, becoming the only player to complete the penta body.Gu’s final jump was a 1,620 feat she had never attempted in the competition.Winning is important, but for them, the biggest success is to break through themselves again!China competes in the men’s snowboard slopestyle qualification at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Because of love, so insist;Because the dream is there, so never say die!In fact, in the Tokyo Olympic Games, Yang Qian, Sun Yingsha as the representatives of the post-00s have begun to carry the flag of Chinese sports, to show the world the high spirited and upward spirit of Chinese youth.This time, on the ice and snow, the world once again saw the charm of Chinese youth through the Winter Olympics!”The youth are the most active and dynamic force in the whole society. The hope of a country and the future of a nation lie in the youth.”May the Chinese youth shoulder the responsibility entrusted by The Times, aim high and be down-to-earth!May the Chinese youth have sunshine in their hearts and strength under their feet, and strive to create a life worthy of The Times!(Author: China Social Science Network) Source: China Social Science Network Author: Liu Yan

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