Suzhou added 6+8, these rumors are not credible!

On February 18, suzhou held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control to introduce the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control.From 00:00 to 15:00 on February 18, suzhou reported 6 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all mild) and 8 asymptomatic cases.As of 15:00 today, a total of 52 confirmed cases have been reported, including 10 ordinary cases and 42 mild cases, and 29 asymptomatic cases. All of them are in stable condition and receiving treatment in isolation at designated medical institutions.In terms of regional distribution, 9 cases were reported in Gusu District, 14 in Wuzhong District, 11 in Wujiang District, 29 in industrial park, 12 in Xiangcheng District, 3 in Changshu city and 3 in Zhangjiagang City.In order to find out the risks as soon as possible and cut off the transmission chain, Suzhou has been speeding up nucleic acid testing.From 7 o ‘clock to 15 o ‘clock today, the city accumulatively sampled 6.4572 million people, including 4.10700 million people in six urban areas.It, also want to thank brother’s support vigorously, the city of nanjing, xuzhou, lianyungang, huaian, yancheng, yangzhou, changzhou, zhenjiang, yangzhou, taizhou, suqian municipal party committee sent more than 6200 medical, support suzhou nucleic acid sample testing, standing vice mayor of suzhou municipal committee, municipal government Gu Haidong at the meeting said: “thank you for your guardian to suzhou, you hard.”At present there are risks in suzhou area 41 as of 15 today, suzhou has sealed centralization area, control area and prevent 108, than press conference yesterday released the number of increase 15 (93), including sealing centralization 48 (13, wujiang, suzhou industrial park, 5, 11, 11 gusu, wuzhong changshu city 2, phase 3, zhangjiagang, 3),There are 53 control areas (23 in Suzhou Industrial Park, 7 in Wujiang, 12 in Wuzhong, 4 in Gusu, 3 in Xiangcheng, 2 in Changshu, 2 in Zhangjiagang), and 7 prevention areas (Suzhou Industrial Park, Gusu District, Shengze Town in Wujiang District, Jiangling Street, Songling Street, Guoxiang Street in Wuzhong District, Xiguantang Village in Mudu Town).Up to now, the city has a total of 41 medium-risk areas.On February 18, there was an online rumor that a medical worker who took a nucleic acid test in Guoxiang Street, Wuzhong District, Suzhou was “a positive case”.In response, the suzhou Municipal Health Commission said that no medical staff has been found to be nucleic acid positive.The public security organs will investigate and deal with the illegal and criminal acts of fabricating, spreading and spreading rumors and disturbing the social order.I knew you were “watching” the video, which was released by Changzhou Radio and Television.

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