The rest of my life is long. Fortunately, I grow old with you

Sweet pet dramas and xixia dramas are all destined for generation Z, who are fans of the circle. However, some of them are doing the opposite, giving up the leading role to “middle-aged and old women” who are shunned by the platform for young audiences.In the past, the network miniseries “The World of Aunts” scored 8.1 on the member channel of Tencent Video online. After that, the 40-episode TV series “Old Girlfriends” hit the CCTV 8 prime-time broadcast, and was called by netizens as “Ode to Joy for the elderly”.Surprisingly, these stories about the family affairs of older sisters not only attracted attention from the target audience — middle-aged and elderly people, but also aroused heated discussion among the whole age group.These works about the family affairs of the old sisters not only attracted attention from the middle-aged and elderly groups, but also triggered a hot discussion among the whole age group.Drawing: On the one hand, Li Jie’s young audience reflects on the parent-child relationship in adulthood, hoping to give more care to the elderly;On the other hand, it also changed the prejudice and misunderstanding of “dama” in the past, saying that “they are not old enough to watch it with relish”.And to middle old age audience, when pan Hong, Wang Fuli, Li Lingyu these decades ago very familiar actress, with another kind of calm, elegant posture appears again at the moment, do not have feeling — the rest of one’s life is long, but a friend accompanies, have career interest follow, can live wonderful calmly as well.However, these works also arouse the audience’s higher expectations for this kind of works — only by removing the ideal filter of young people can they “enter” the world of middle-aged and old people, and show the thoughts and feelings of different generations more deeply and truly.Face old age life serious issue, heavy take to put down to encounter health care product fraud gently how to do?Both Old Girlfriends and The World of Dama begin by focusing on this common experience in the lives of older people.The old girlfriends here, a few aunt, professional background, different life on a “fighting drama” : retired doctor test medical common sense, logic analysis, senior teachers cafe owner accounting cost, with overseas life experience the translation of the English certification, holding under the force of a language, I cheat no room, was sent to the police station together.On the other hand, in The World of Dama, Wang, played by Li Lingyu, is also caught by a health care salesman who calls her mother at first sight.However, the contrast of “old bestie” simply refuse, Wang Aunt did not expose the other side of the fake door free service is actually selling goods trick, but to a counterplan, down the slope of the donkey.Not only did he send his counterpart to do a lot of housework, but also shared it with other neighbors.Damas regularly crowdfund to buy a small number of shoddy products to ensure “sustainable housekeeping service” for scammers.Although he knew the plot was “pure fiction”, the bullet barrage shouted “relief”.Both works are concerned about the pain points of health care products fraud in the elderly.However, in contrast to previous family dramas where parents “do not hit the south wall and do not turn back” under the persuasion of their children, the “old bestie” and “old granny” are not only rational and calm in the face of potential risks, but also possess the unique humor of the elderly.Through this “battle”, the “old bestie” established a “revolutionary friendship”, and “Aunt Wang” proved that she could not only lead the square dance team, but also the community anti-fraud “KOL” (key opinion leader).The way in which serious issues are picked up and gently dropped underlies the light-hearted style of the two works and provides a vivid lesson in anti-cheating for the elderly.With a young mentality, we should be more calm in the face of aging. While we are glad that the two works fill in the blank of film and television theme, the audience also has various kinds of dissatisfaction.First of all, the two shows are more like the “ideal life” of middle-aged people from the perspective of young creators.The middle-aged and elderly women in the play are all young at heart and keen to experience trendy things.The “old bestie” has tried shopping online, going to bars, getting a driver’s license, and even playing VR motion games.And to “dama’s world”, two old people suspected that members chase network drama too slow, “knock CP” did not substitute into the sense, simply moved a bench, every day in the community cafe to see the progress of the triangle in the reality of the clerk.Such “imagination”, all are not young people familiar with the way of life and fashion terms, compared with the majority of middle-aged and elderly people in real life, obviously still a little ahead of time.As a result, rather than striking a chord with the current audience, the series has found a template for the soon-to-be-elderly to imagine the future.In addition, the first few sketches of characters in “Old Bestie” are intended to show the personality and attitude of the characters, but seem to magnify the opposition between the middle-aged and the young for dramatic conflicts.Erin, played by Pan Hong, is keen to buy fashionable clothes for young people, but her feud with a shop assistant led to the viral online catchphrase “What’s wrong with being young?You are too young, too pale, too sick, too affected.”However, many viewers said they “abandoned” the drama after watching the first few episodes, which were “too dramatic”, and missed out on the more realistic developments that followed.How do older people in real life relate to the world around them?What difficulties do they face?In “Old Girlfriends,” it actually unfolds.Liu, a retired doctor, offered the couple a monthly salary of 8,001 yuan — one yuan more than the nanny her son hired.That dollar is where your value lies.These plots show the tenacity, self-esteem and kindness of that generation of women, and deserve more space to write, bring more thinking and meaningful aftertaste.”The most beautiful but sunset red, warm and calm”.Many years ago, a song “Sunset Red” accompanied by CCTV program became the best “endorsement” of the elderly.A few years later, the main entertainment consumption from television to the network, the middle-aged and elderly theme content is increasingly marginal.The lost generation is trying to keep up by swiping Douyin and shopping.”Old girlfriends” “Dama’s World” received attention, undoubtedly confirmed the market potential of this kind of theme.Look forward to more creators hard work, watering late flowers, brewing aged wine, with high quality works with a generation of elegant calmly old.(Huang Qizhe) Source: Wenhui Po Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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