Three people illegally made 65,300 yuan!Xixiang public security detected a help information network crime case

Recently, the grassland, xixiang county public security bureau police brigade major teams solve together help information network crime, a criminal gang, captured the criminal suspect Yang is a (male, 29 years old, zhenba green water), wang mou a (male, 50, xixiang county east), President of XXX (male, 29 years old, xixiang county YangHe Town),Eight bank cards and three mobile phones were seized.It is understood that on January 30, the criminal investigation team received a bank report materials said: through trading records found its customers Yang mou, Wang Mou, Ren So-and so 3 bank accounts in the short term trading amount as high as tens of millions of yuan.After receiving the alarm, the major case team police immediately with the county bureau anti-fraud center to carry out information research and judgment, through the transaction flow quickly found out the facts of the crime, locked the suspects, then launched the arrest.On February 8, police arrested the three suspects and seized eight bank cards and three mobile phones.After checking, since May last year, suspects Yang Mou, Wang Mou, ren so-and-so will rent its bank card to others illegal profit 65,300 yuan.At present, 3 criminal suspects were taken criminal compulsory measures according to law, the case is being further dug in handling.Source: Xi Xi News Hanzhong

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