Wonderful, shocking, amazing Speed of China…Beijing Winter Olympics in the eyes of foreign journalists

On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, journalists from home and abroad gathered at the foot of the Great Wall to enjoy folk customs, make dumplings and watch the Winter Olympics.Among them, Ouyang Lili (Leen Aslan), a Jordanian journalist from China Arab TV, is the most eye-catching. She speaks fluent Mandarin and rolls dumpling wrappers as proficiently as anyone else.Ouyang lili told reporters: “This is my third Chinese New Year in China, as a Chinese daughter-in-law, making dumplings is a must!”Ouyang watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics live on TV. “The 2008 Beijing Olympics were already wonderful, but this one is even more amazing.My two colleagues posted a lot of videos and photos at the opening ceremony, and I also posted photos on social media. Many friends asked me where I could watch the replay of the opening ceremony.The opening ceremony left a deep impression on the Middle East and Arab countries.Ouyang felt sorry for not being able to watch the opening ceremony, but was deeply impressed by China’s traditional culture, speed of development and sense of technology.He gave a thumbs-up and said: “The opening ceremony is full of sense of science and technology, two links I was most impressed, the first is the 24 solar terms countdown, which is the display of Traditional Chinese culture;Secondly, in the athletes’ admission ceremony, the entry order is arranged in accordance with the Chinese strokes, which is very characteristic.”A lot of children put on white gauze dresses, which represents peace, and they waved little pigeons, which in Jordan is a symbol of peace,” ouyang said.OuYangLiLi after studying the master graduate student in Beijing university as china-arab TV reporter and host, she to the development of China’s recent repeatedly praised: “ever been to a rural school in Beijing. I remember, but two years later, the second to have built a lot of buildings, shops, restaurants, but also the foreign restaurant”.Ouyang told reporters that Arab countries’ first impression of China is wearing Hanfu and eating noodles. “They know more about China from movies and TV dramas, but now China’s development momentum is very fast, and there are many People from Arab countries who can’t wait to come to China to develop.”Today, China has become ouyang lili’s second home, she is a Chinese daughter-in-law, and this year will be her third Spring Festival in China.It’s very safe and I love China and the food culture.In Jordan, we make pies, while in China, we have a rich folk culture. I often make dumplings and buns with my family and friends.”Ouyang lili said.”This is the second time I have come to the Great Wall. When the weather eases, I will come here again with my family to appreciate folk customs and climb the Great Wall.”

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