Cloud fast charging: establish first, then break, to help the “double carbon” goal

In March this year, the goal of “dual carbon” was once again written into the government work report, which clearly calls for “orderly progress in carbon peak, carbon neutrality, and energy revolution”, with special emphasis on “making decisions before breaking them, and making comprehensive plans”.As the third largest source of carbon emissions in China, the transportation field is one of the key points of carbon reduction work in China. As an important part of it, the charging pile industry provides its own answer on how to “establish first and then break” to help the green transformation of energy.As a national high-tech enterprise, cloud fast charging since its establishment in 2016, for many years focused on the technology research and development of charging platform and effective operation of service exploration.Through the bottom protocol of charging pile, cloud fast charging can quickly build the national charging Internet of things. With the open business model, excellent technical strength and massive data application, it has created the largest third-party charging Internet of things SaaS platform in China.Data show that as of February 2022, the platform business of Cloud Fast charging has covered more than 360 cities in China, serving more than 3,600 electric pile operators and connecting charging pile terminals exceeding 190,000, ranking second in the field of public pile in China.Based on the national business of SaaS platform, Cloud Fast charge is committed to continuous investment in technology research and development, the establishment of data centers, and help the industry to refine, digital, intelligent upgrade, which is highly consistent with the government report put forward “promote the development of digital economy, strengthen the overall layout of digital China construction”.In addition to providing good charging services, Cloud Fast Charging also took the lead in exploring energy management services last year, providing comprehensive charging services and energy management solutions for government and enterprise customers, electric pile operators, fleets, EV manufacturers and other industrial customers.It is also working with local governments and upstream and downstream industries of the industrial chain to jointly launch the establishment of zero-carbon pioneer fund for integrated optical storage and charging, which is used to invest and build an integrated optical storage and charging backbone facility network in node areas, and is committed to building a new industrial ecology and serving the national energy strategy.As charging infrastructure head enterprise, cloud quick charge adhere to innovation, upgrade yourself, continue to build including charging user services, operations, software, services, finance, energy storage, such as carbon trading, comprehensive energy solutions, through the quality of software and hardware products and services, and help urban transport, energy saving and emission reduction and green ecology in the future.

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