How to distinguish “true cost performance” and “false cost performance” mobile phone, expert analysis, see these three points

Now people to buy mobile phones more and more high frequency, and the mobile phone market competition is increasingly fierce, the same price a lot of mobile phones in the competition, and at that time, cost performance has become one of the most key point, as in the past has always been our mocking apple mobile phone, are now hit the high-end prices of domestic mobile phone foil cost-effective, yes ah, the same 5000 bucks,Apples smell better.Let’s take a look at it.A, processor, the better, the better the performance, the higher the price to buy mobile phones first see processor, is the key to your mobile phone is fluent, processor, the better, the stronger the performance, the faster the speed, to use more fluent, poor processor and a mobile phone, it is easy to use phone soon becomes card, the same price of mobile phones, processor is good, the price also is higher,Xiaomi 12X has been ridiculed by many people because it is powered by Snapdragon 870. Like this year’s flagship processor snapdragon 8Gen1, if the subsequent flagship products don’t use this or the same chip, it really doesn’t deserve to be called a flagship phone.Second, the better the screen mobile phone, the higher the quality, the higher the ratio of mobile phone again good, in the fluid, also have to go through, presented the screen, a good screen color imaging, or refresh rate, or is it adjustable light eye, resolution, and so on all want to have, like flagship machine now, have to at least 120 hz refresh rate is 2 k OLED screen, this is also the same huawei is often to the point,The price is high, but the screen does stretch, and huawei is really far behind Samsung when it comes to screens.Three, the better the lens, take pictures, the better, the higher the ratio of lens I say good is not refers to the pixel, this image is good thing most only three, the rest have to rely on sensors and algorithms, after all, large aperture, take pictures at night will be more bright, sensors, photo will be more clear, as the flagship machine, have to be all the main perturbation, bottoms, pixel, optical image stabilization, and small functions are combined with,That’s what makes it standard on a flagship.Now flagship phones still use 20W or 33W fast charge is really funny, Apple Samsung has not played fast charge, but domestic mobile phones in the field of fast charge is really powerful, basic 5000mAh battery, 120W fast charge can be filled in less than half an hour, like a real cost effective flagship phone,Then 120W or 65W fast charge is considered power.In general, but look from the ratio of the dimensions, you only remember, at the same price, images, battery, screen, processor, the best is the most valuable, of course, we buy mobile phones, not only see the cost-effective, qc and practical experience, also look at this comprehensive, can be called is even less cost-effective mobile phone,Like the newly released Realme GT2 Pro, I think it is good. At least so far, it is the most cost-effective at the same price. If you want to buy it, you can go and have a look.

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