What reason is freezer frost caused?Do you know any of these reasons?

When a lot of users use the refrigerator, they find that the inside of the refrigerator will appear “frost” phenomenon, do not know what is the reason, this article combined with the refrigeration principle and structure of the refrigerator, about why the refrigerator will frost.Before said frosted reason about content related to the refrigeration, the refrigeration cycle is to rely on air compressor internal refrigerant, depending on the distribution in the pipe around the refrigerator cabinet, internal heat “carry” the refrigerator freezer outside, mainly by using the principle of refrigerant absorption of heat, and frost are also associated with this freezer, then tell me about the reason of the frost.A, temperature setting too low is the main purpose of refrigerator refrigeration, the general set of optimum temperature in 5 ℃ ~ 18 ℃ or so, this is best temperature storage, preservation of food, but many users do not know the truth, that set the lower the temperature, the higher the extent of insurance, food although this sentence is not wrong, but it is not necessary to set so low temperature.If it is winter, the temperature setting is too low, because the external temperature is low, the refrigerator does not need to continue to work, but if it is summer, stored food contains a lot of water, and the temperature setting is too low, the water in the food will condense into frost, and finally slowly freeze.In this case, you can properly adjust the refrigeration temperature of the refrigerator, which can reduce the frosting of the refrigerator.Two, the refrigerator seal is not strict if the friend who opened a convenience store must know that the bedroom freezer that is often opened is more obvious, because consumers often buy some goods, such as ice cream, frozen goods and so on.Because the air inside the refrigerator is at a lower temperature, and the air outside is at a higher temperature, alternating between hot and cold, it will cause the moisture in the air to condense into frost.Of course, this is only the frequent use of frost (frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator door), for most users, if the refrigerator is not tightly sealed, the high temperature air outside the refrigerator will enter the interior, under the action of the low temperature in the refrigerator, these air containing a lot of moisture will condense on the inside of the refrigerator, forming frost or ice.In this case, you can minimize the number of times to open the refrigerator, if there is a problem with the seal, can be directly replaced.Three, high water content of food in the air although contains water, but water is more limited, want to condense frost or thick ice, not a short time can be achieved, and the real cause of frost refrigerator is the moisture inside the refrigerator, these moisture in addition to from the air, and the water content of food has a great relationship.If the user often put some water content is larger, and in the normal temperature of the food into the refrigerator, then the water in the food will be a lot of precipitation, and then condense on the surface of the refrigerator wall, freezing room will condense into frost or ice, preservation room will condense into water.In this case, you can avoid or reduce frosting by sealing food in plastic wrap or airtight containers before putting it in the fridge.Conclusion: refrigerator frost phenomenon is very common, some functional refrigerator has the function of defrosting, would leave a hole on the bottom of the refrigerator, and then used for drainage, but this is just a small function, there is no too big effect, in addition to rely on the power and stop using the defrosting, not a good way to solve, can only reduce or reduce the speed of the frost.Note: although refrigerator is mentioned in this article, hardware model, system version, software version and other information are not involved.

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