Where to find the beautiful scenery?See lanterns, folk customs…Penglai bring you yuanxiao happy reunion!

Today is the 15th day of the first lunar month. We are celebrating the Lantern Festival. It is the night when the first moon is full in the New Year.The Chinese have brought the stars to the earth along the long street. The lanterns are as bright as the moon, the fireworks are so dazzling that there are more kinds of lanterns than the stars. Flowers bloom in the golden age, the eight immortals cross the sea, and the dragon and phoenix bring prosperity.Forms, unique in light body, like a dream Yuanxiao nights all kinds of decorated lanterns will quiet night particularly conspicuous Lantern Festival, lanterns not wish empty envy the star-studded Chinese to carry the Milky Way to human strip lanterns MingRuYue wanli fireworks yao than star watching folk style, accompanied by lanterns and guess riddles in the light, reflected in the candle in the shape,Hidden in the word thinking verification of endless fun every guess is a surprise all kinds of folk performances dengzhou Yangko, drum music “Qi Jiguang light soldiers” south lion, “a reed across the sea”, “horse riding flying flowers”…Wonderful performances staged a dizzying appreciation of the moon round and roundToday is the night of the year of the tiger first month circle round full moon quietly climbed up the sky people enjoy the talk after finished the Lantern Festival this year even if a lot of people will return to their jobs in New Year and then bite soft waxy yuanxiao for a family reunion dinner table will be the sweet happiness into the armor brewing invincible energy of the future A yuan after beginning, the earth rejuvenation vegetation germination,Chunshan may we follow the footsteps of spring not to live up to the beauty, not to live up to the time not to live up to their own * this article for brand authorization push, all the above goods to the scene express shall prevail * the above text, pictures from the network * this text if there are violations, infringement, please contact us,Yantai Zhenhua Shopping Mall East 1F Diyun Shop Yantai Zhenhua Shopping Mall address: Zhifu District, Yantai, No. 8 West Avenue get more surprises Penglai Tourism resort Administration Committee Penglai District Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yantai city organized and released penglai tourism advisory hotline 0535-5612301

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