Will India and the Pacific be affected if Russia and Ukraine go to war?China took advantage of the chaos to immediately liberate Taiwan!

At a time when global attention is focused on the situation between Russia and Ukraine, Australia is starting to speak out about China’s Taiwan issue.According to relevant media reports, Australia’s defense minister recently publicly said that if Russia does choose to invade Ukraine, it will also affect the situation in the Indo-Pacific region, and Even China will take the opportunity to carry out military action against Taiwan. Australia also said that it will keep a close eye on all the movements of China.Australia is the faithful followers of the United States, in fact, since the situation more tension between Russia and Ukraine, the us-led western countries are worried about China’s Taiwan region and Ukraine will be at the same time of war, but at present, Russia, the United States is solved before for those American Allies,America’s ability to assume NATO leadership is laudable, but Australia sees things differently.Since the Australian government constantly challenge after China, the relationship between China and Australia have been influenced by serious, began to decline, since then, Australia also quietly under the counter from China, although the United States has repeatedly said it would support the Australian government, in fact, the Chinese market vacancy in Australia were robbed by the United States.For the Australian government, the economic loss is not a problem and can be made up for, but it will not tolerate political neglect of Australia, especially with the ATTENTION of the United States now focused on Russia and Ukraine, Australia fears that the United States will loosen its grip on China.Therefore, at this time, the Australian government will repeatedly bring up the issue of China’s Taiwan to attract the attention of the United States.This not only shows that Australia is different from some western countries, but also provides an opportunity for the United States to gain interests.The development of Russia and Ukraine to this situation can be said to be caused by the United States. Many countries involved in the crisis by the United States, including Russia and Ukraine, are under great pressure. In fact, it is impossible to have a war between Russia and Ukraine.However, Ukraine’s economy suffered a great loss, the Stock market in Europe also fell again and again, the price of natural gas, oil and other energy has been soaring, while the European countries are worried about the war between Russia and Ukraine, the United States has been frantically collecting money in the financial market.Australia, as a loyal follower of the United States, will continue to pave the way.But the same techniques used over and over again don’t always work.In fact, when Russia had already stated that it had no intention of invading Ukraine or launching a military attack on Ukraine, American politicians and media began to force the explanation that it was all American threats that worked, but they didn’t.Such an American approach will not solve the crisis, but will draw attention away from the problems between Ukraine and Russia, and the international community will lose patience.Part of the information reference source: National Defense Times

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