Workers were killed after a truck backed over a construction site in Zhejiang province

On January 30, 2022, the Nanxun District Procuratorate of Huzhou, Zhejiang province revealed details of a negligent death case.The driver yu xx in the construction site driving a truck reversing, because of neglect to observe, the car behind the worker Yan xx knocked down and crushed, resulting in its death.Yu’s insurance company paid 920,000 yuan to the victim’s family, and She was held criminally responsible for causing the death.Yu xx, 43 years old, is a large truck driver.At about 16 o ‘clock on the day of the incident, Yu drove a heavy semi-trailer to traction heavy low-flat semi-trailer, in Nanxun District, Sanqiao Village Yangjiagou construction site reversing, and is behind the car worker Yan xx collision and crushing, resulting in Yan xx injured, after the hospital rescue died.After identification, the victim Yan so-and-so in line with the traffic accident in the body suffered a huge external force caused by the head, neck, trunk and other parts of the serious injury and death.According to the written confirmation of off-road traffic accident, xx fails to ensure safety when driving a motor vehicle in reverse, and shall assume full responsibility for the accident.After the incident, Yu took the initiative to call the police and wait at the scene, and truthfully confessed his crime after arriving at the case.The insurance company has paid 920,000 yuan to the victim’s family.The procuratorial organ charges: yu mou mou negligently causes a person to die, the circumstance is relatively light, its behavior violates “criminal law of the People’s Republic of China” article 233, the criminal facts are clear, the evidence is true, sufficient, should be in negligence causes a person to die the crime to investigate its criminal responsibility.The case was heard in the first instance of Nanxun District People’s Court in Huzhou City.Comment: yu so-and-so was identified as the crime of negligent death, why not traffic accident crime?This mainly depends on the location of the accident site.If the place of the accident is on a public road, it is a crime of causing a traffic accident.The traffic police department is responsible for the preliminary investigation work.If the accident occurs on a non-public road, such as in the construction site of this case, or in a community, it is a crime of negligent death.The criminal investigation department is responsible for investigation.

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