After the Spring Festival Hong Kong Foxconn hot recruitment is worth into

Foxconn’s management personnel (staff level and division level cadres and other management personnel) are directly recruited internally. The general workers are all in cooperation with intermediaries, who transport workers.However, there is another way, is through foxconn internal employees recommended recruitment;Which of these two ways is better? It must be the second one, because there is no third-party intermediary company, and the labor contract signed directly with Foxconn is less than a lot of details.Let me mainly talk about entering the factory through the intermediary. Foxconn pays the salary of the last month on the 7th of every month, and generally works on the last six days and one day off, that is, one day off a week (when there are few orders, there will be two days off on Saturday and Sunday, and when there are many orders, maybe half a month and one day off).Foxconn recruitment sewing worker is divided into two modes, one is the hourly workers, wages is changing every day, with you in the price of the day to sign a contract, should be today in the 27 / per hour, how many hours on salary calculation is very simple, is how much money (there is a time difference, because regardless of hourly workers or return to work is based on equal pay for equal work, 10 yuan/per hour.You when signing a contract, for example, his wages are $27 per hour, the 17 RMB/per hour difference fees, will be in 15 a month to your salary card), hourly workers per batch recruitment is also a time in a long, the longest is just 3 months, after the expiration if foxconn have policy can renew, it would be to see individual would do, would like to renew,After the second contract period, if you still want to work in Foxconn, only to the regular, no one generally choose;The other is to return the cost of the kind of work: punch 55 days, 90 days in office, return 7500-8000;This is the recruitment information given by the intermediary company, which is also the choice of many people.General workers in Foxconn are paid equally for equal work, monthly salary = basic salary 1900+ overtime pay +200 yuan subsidy (entry subsidy) +240 yuan subsidy (night shift subsidy). When the contract expires, the rebate will be issued to the salary card in a lump sum. The minimum working time is 45 days, the maximum working time is 50 days.Both 10 and 25 days per month each contract expires out a list of qualified personnel, for example, are you a month 5, induction, on-the-job after 90 days, need to wait until 10 out of the list, your name is on the list at this moment, and then must wait in return fee to the account (left), the return fee to the account need 7 working days (Saturday and Sunday are not included in the),Generally choose to return to the account after absenteeism for 3 days, and then will receive a message from Foxconn, let go to the departure procedures;In addition, after returning the fee to the account, to find the line leader, leader, supervisor and other personnel for the departure procedures, some people successfully handled the fastest 2 days;If it is a month after the 5th need to wait for 90 days on the 25th of the month list, and then such as return to the account, for departure;Similarly, if the expiration still want to work in Foxconn, and hourly workers renew the same way;To sum up, there is basically no difference between the two modes in terms of salary. The basic monthly salary is 5000 yuan.This has not eliminated the problem of personal accommodation, Foxconn concentrated accommodation 150 yuan/month, the factory restaurant minimum 8 yuan/meal, can only have a lunch, breakfast and dinner in the dormitory, are sold rice;For foxconn internal management, also simply say it, there are nine of the cadres in ten temper, basic every day is behind your voice urging output, requirements for the process, once the output can not keep up with or bad manufacturing, began to cry to you;Actually can also understand, they can be a cadre, dry time is certainly not short in foxconn, with workers in many to count, people’s patience, temperament had been banished, killed, a lot of young people or older people can not stand, pail to leave, just come in two days age small temper, who also defy, must not eat to diao that a set of;Older cadres is screaming every day, in the heart hard, just think of me this age, you be a cadre is not my child, in this by your breath every day, sure, it’s that sentence, came to the foxconn, competent is dry, can’t do just fuck off, there is no love, no friendship, all the people are all a hotchpotch of traveler.We suggest: think clearly, and then choose not to enter Foxconn;At the end, let’s interact. Let’s interact

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