All the glory and wealth are but the east county zhou Lang’s hometown East county

Yan Ying during the Spring and Autumn Period, xun Yu, the minister of the Three Qing Dynasties, when the Minister of the Shang Qing, it can be said that they are rich and prosperous, but they are the top figures of fame and fortune, but life is not plain sailing, but also achieved achievements that predecessors have not achieved.What kind of place was Dongjun, zhou Lang’s hometown, which was farthest from Cao Cao’s power?The people of Zhoulang are small and lustful, fond of men and women, and good beauties, as can be seen from the palm trees on the mountain of this valley road in his hometown.However, Zhou Lang is so beautiful that many beautiful women can’t bear to approach him.As he was ugly and despised by others, he had to let it go.At this time, her side can happen to have a call Meng Guang rich son is also a very person minister, also be fond of men and women huan love.Who would have thought that this man would have a crush on her!It was also a surprise to his father, so Meng Guang made Zhou Lang the most unforgettable marriage proposal of his life.At this time, Meng Guang took advantage of Zhou Lang’s request to find Zhou Lang’s sister to propose marriage to him, Zhou Lang reluctantly accepted the proposal, but did not immediately accept the gift of marriage.He said to his sister, “I have every hope of winning a woman’s heart, but it is impossible.If meng Guang can help me to marry, it is more precious to me than the gift of heaven.The younger sister would be a happy product of the marriage.So if I do not accept this proposal of love, I will not have any extraordinary expectations for the child.”Then he gave Zhou Lang a fire to ashes.However, he could not throw away the ashes, so that his sister could not ask for help from his father. Even before his death, zhou Lang had not taken good care of his greedy son.A woman is not a fool, get a man’s heart of heaven, nature is very jealous, the results can not help Meng Light.The Meng Guang that acts as agent of east county saw this rare beautiful woman at a glance, the bead in the palm that does not give an accident is to be received by him, then propose to Zhou Lang immediately.What the woman sees first is zhou Lang who is dissatisfied with her a lot. As soon as she sees zhou Lang is not satisfied with herself at all, she agrees to this lifelong good fortune with her eyes closed.At this time, Zhou Lang was just like a cloud of smoke in the sky. He only saw several beautiful women in front of the man on the opposite side. They seemed to love each other, but in fact, there was much imbalance in his heart.Meng Guang at the beginning is not willing to express, but she had to brave the scalp to propose.He had no idea that the woman knew that he had always been interested in her, that he was asking for his help in getting married, and that he could not afford to give her the best without giving her more prosperity in his family of hundreds.Every time she was affectionate with her, she would behave herself and pretend not to have seen her go out, but she was so absorbed in the matter that she had no intention of going anywhere else.At the same time she felt confident that she could use her best resources to promote and enrich the poor boy who would never have her.She also believed that her sister loved him fanatically and doted on him from her heart.And because zhou Lang said he was afraid to marry her, early married, did not give their good intentions to be put into action, Meng Light is also looking forward to.Until Meng Guang arrived in Dongjun, he suddenly remembered that Xun Yu’s wife Zhou was not with him, so he wanted to ask Meng Guang to take Zhou to his side for a transition period.

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