Good news!Ruzhou in addition to the containment area control area to resume normal road traffic, hebi today orderly open public places

The ruzhou: in addition to the centralization control zone From now on the road normal passage according to the ruzhou COVID – 19 pandemic control command message: at present, the smooth ruzhou epidemic prevention and control the overall situation, for the convenience of mass production and living, not to relax, scientific and accurate for epidemic prevention and control work, the city of epidemic prevention and control headquarters, decided from now on, adjust epidemic prevention and control measures as follows:I. Lift temporary traffic control measures for some original road sections in urban areas, and restore normal road passage, except for sealed control areas and control areas.Buses, taxis and ride-hailing services in urban areas resumed normal operations.2. Parks, amusement parks and squares in urban areas will be reopened in an orderly manner, and peak shifting and flow limiting management will be implemented.Persons without mask and health code other than green code are not allowed to enter.3. Shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets, farmers’ markets and stores operating along the street should strictly implement normal epidemic prevention and control measures, such as “wearing masks, one-meter noodles, temperature scanning code”, standardize the elimination of sites, strengthen the management of employees, and avoid the gathering of people.4. Hotels, hotels, catering enterprises and individual restaurants should strictly implement normal epidemic prevention and control measures, such as wearing masks, temperature measurement and code scanning, and halving the number of dining staff and spacing seats in halls and bags.5. Except for the sealed and controlled areas, residents can enter and leave the village (community) normally by the double green codes of “health code” and “travel code”.Villages and communities should register visitors and strictly implement normal epidemic prevention and control measures, such as temperature measurement, code scanning, wearing masks, one-meter noodles and not gathering together.This notice shall take effect from the date of promulgation and be adjusted in time according to the changing situation of epidemic prevention and control.Hebi: Issue notice No.6!According to the current epidemic prevention and control situation in Hebi city and after study by the Hebi COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters, the city has decided to strictly implement all normal epidemic prevention and control measures.Public places will be opened in an orderly manner from 0:00 on February 6, 2022.1. In public places such as libraries, cultural centers, museums, sports venues, gyms, cinemas and bathing centers, the number of reception persons shall not exceed 50% of the maximum carrying capacity according to the requirements of “reservation, flow restriction and peak shifting”.2. All catering units encourage reservations for meals, take-away packages, and advocate serving chopsticks and spoons and separate meals.The number of people in public reception areas of catering units should not exceed 50% of the maximum reception capacity, and epidemic prevention and control measures should be strictly implemented, such as health code check, travel code, temperature measurement, frequent disinfection, and wearing masks at all times.3. Massage, foot bath, ear collecting, KTV, Internet cafes, game halls, chess and card rooms, mahjong parlors, playlists and other closed places are temporarily closed. The epidemic prevention and control headquarters of each county or district shall determine the opening time according to the epidemic prevention and control situation.4. All sites temporarily closed during the epidemic period should be included in the sentinel alert category, and thorough ventilation, environmental hygiene and disinfection should be carried out before opening.All staff should conduct a thorough survey, check their health codes and travel codes, and conduct nucleic acid tests regularly. All county (district) epidemic prevention and control headquarters should do a good job in the organization, implementation, supervision and management, and organize the signing of epidemic prevention and control commitment letters.5. Competent departments of all counties, districts and industries should strengthen supervision over key venues, and all units (venues) should earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of legal persons and carry out epidemic prevention and control work in a strict and meticulous manner.For units (sites) with inadequate prevention and control measures, once verified, relevant responsible persons will be held accountable and relevant sites will be closed.Hebi city, epidemic prevention and control headquarters office on February 5, 2022 as a whole the | | Zhu Rongyu audit Yang Xiao mystery coordinating editor | Zhao Haonan source | henan CDC, CCTV news.(Disclaimer: The wechat official account of Henan Provincial Education Department publishes this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If any source is wrongly marked or violates your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us in time, we will promptly correct, delete or deal with according to law.

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