@ Liaoning truck driver, please check this letter!In case of difficulty, call these numbers

The liaoning Provincial department of Transport issued a second letter to drivers of bulk goods, urging them to pay attention to epidemic prevention.At the same time, intimate announced the provincial department of transportation and the province’s 14 city transportation bureau service phone, remind the driver master, encountered difficulties timely call.The whole province freight driver friends: let us say first: you were laborious!Recently, the prevention and control of the epidemic in Our province has entered a critical stage. When the whole society is “quieting down”, you are the “backward figure” who give up your small homes for everyone, sticking to the front line of important material transportation and ensuring the normal operation of social economy, production and life.It is because of you logistics support “workers” of the tireless, fearless, epidemic prevention supplies timely delivery, urban residents without worry about food and clothing, production enterprises to reach production.In the cold wind, rain and snow, you are walking day and night, regardless of rain or shine, depicting the most beautiful scenery on the main traffic artery of Liaoning.Please accept our most cordial thanks and sincerest concern.After all, you’re made of flesh and blood, and the novel Coronavirus is everywhere.For the safety and health of you and your family, please be sure to take good personal protection.In order to reduce people’s concerns about you, please also take the initiative to submit your personal information, and actively cooperate with prevention and control workers at all levels to carry out nucleic acid testing, inspection and registration, scanning code and temperature measurement, and implement various epidemic prevention measures.People on the road, inevitably there will be difficulties, if you encounter difficulties that are difficult to solve alone, please do not forget to seek help, do not forget that liaoning transportation front staff at all levels are your most intimate “mother family”.If you encounter vehicle traffic problems in the transportation of medical prevention and control materials, fresh agricultural products, key production and living materials, agricultural production materials, energy materials, postal and express delivery, please contact the local transportation management department according to the following contact information, we will always be waiting for you, waiting for you.Friends of freight drivers in the province, let’s work together, be strong and stick to it, show the responsibility of transportation workers in winning the battle against the epidemic, and join hands to welcome the spring of victory.Phone here source: Liaoning Daily · North Client

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