During the famine, a girl brought pancakes to a boy. Father: They are not pancakes at all

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the imperial court was in turmoil, wars broke out everywhere, and the people were displaced from their homes and made a poor living. The crops in the fields were destroyed by wars, and almost no grain was harvested. Eating enough food became a big problem.In yizhou (now shandong linyi) have a Mr Meng, who originally, well-read, and well to do good, locals call him “big good meng”, after the famines, meng w store their food out and distribute to all the victims, then sell the property to party and the people, but the helpless in the face of a wide range of high strength famine,Their efforts have played a very small role, he also suddenly fell to the ground from the sky, become one of the many victims of the disaster.Today we are going to talk about a strange and strange story that took place in the home of Mr. Meng.Words that meng w sent home girl servants, magnificent house property, join the victims, and his wife lived alone with a seven year old son, meng w son named Meng Zhang, during the day to follow their parents just can go out to find some food to sustain life, lay conserve energy at home, in the evening in the night,When Meng Zhang lying in bed thinking about tomorrow how to fill the stomach, I suddenly heard someone calling her outside the window, open the window a look, and is a little girl and his age, the girl with two pigtails, appearance is very lovely, they chatted across the window, the girl invited Meng Zhang to go outside and play, Meng Zhang listened to keep shake head, “I didn’t eat for several days,There was no energy to move.”The little girl grinned, “You wait, I’ll get you something delicious.”After saying this, he turned and ran away. Soon he took something with him. Meng Zhang saw that it was a pancake roll with scallions, and there was meat in it.The girl shook her head and said, “I’m full. You can eat it yourself. If you like it, I’ll send it to you every day.Meng Zhang although there are many questions in mind, but the thought of every day can eat the delicious pancake coil spring onion, he readily promised to the girl, from then on, every night the little girl to bring him a pancake coil spring onion, when the whole family were hungry after Meng Zhang is beaming, bulging belly every day, was eventually meng w found.At the beginning, Meng Zhang did not say, under the pressing of The Couple, Meng Zhang finally opened the mouth, “I do not know where to play a little girl, every night to send me pancakes roll scallions, do not believe you see.”Then he took out half of the leftover pancake from under the bed. Mr. Meng took the pancake and looked at it carefully for a long time. The couple muttered, “It doesn’t look like a pancake, but like the skin of an animal.”He prepared a bundle of long and thin red threads and tied a needle to his head. He told Meng Zhang to fasten the needle on the girl’s dress when she was not looking when she came back this evening.In the evening, the girl came back again. Meng Zhang went out and talked with her for a while. When she was not looking, he pinned the needle on her dress.The little girl when the girl left, meng w couple along the red line all the way to find, until you come to a wild near the grave, the other side of the saw the red line in a small grave, approached a look, see the inside of the coffin lay a little girl wear floral dress, it is who give Meng Zhang pancake coil spring onion, I saw her hand tightly with a dead rabbit,These days, the bark and roots are chewed clean, and rabbit meat is a rarity.Meng w immediately understand, about a month ago, he had relief after the little girl, and she was starved to death, and her obsession, heart a wish to repay, also don’t forget to send to your home after the death of eat, meng w couples a prayer in the grave, tell her kindness to the little girl that she understand, after all people ghost extremely way, so go on for a long time is bad for them,The girl was never seen again.After the famine ended, Mr. Meng started a small business and lived a wealthy life. Some say he was a good housekeeper, while others say the dead girl blessed his family.This story tells us that good deeds will have a good future.For more exciting content, check out miscellaneous History

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