Football: Zlatan Ibrahimovic blasted the Ballon d ‘Or for becoming a political award that only the nice guys win

The Ballon d ‘Or and world Player of the Year awards are the biggest parties in football every year. It is a carnival for fans and one of the highest honors that all players dream of winning.But in the last decade or so, the ballon d ‘Or awards have come under fire for political considerations rather than pure performance, and for a committee that manipulates the rankings based on factors such as influence.What should have been a football extravaganza has become a venue for political tussles, and many football fans are likely to resent it.Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic has told German media that the ballon d ‘Or selection criteria has lost its original meaning and that only the good guys can win the award now.The ballon d ‘Or award is not based on a player’s season or the club’s honours. It is more like choosing a moral model or a pitch icon, especially in 2021.2020 golden globe awards selection for outbreak reason to cancel, the biggest winner, become the most disappointed player, lai wan remains a top state in 2021, although messi won the America’s cup champion, but messi in the semi-final and final flat, what’s more, the America’s cup to hold too many, is irrelevant, as everyone think lai wan will interpret a dream,Messi has won his seventh Ballon d ‘Or.After Messi won the award, several players took to social media to express their displeasure, with Cristiano Ronaldo Posting a tirade against the organizers of the golden Ball and calling the French football editor a liar.Patrice Evra, who previously played for Manchester United, also said French football and the ballon d ‘Or organisers were corrupt and there was no justice in the game.Patrice Evra said the award of the Ballon d ‘Or to Lionel Messi was a complete robbery and that It was unfair for Lewan to be robbed of his honour by French football.In fact, after Messi won the Copa America, fans did not expect messi to win the Ballon d ‘Or, because the Copa America is always a weak cup, compared to other cups, but lewan’s performance in the national team is not good.Euro 21 years lai wan performance in general, living heats on Poland’s performance is still not satisfactory, which makes the lai wan on honor bar has disadvantage, but only on the strength of the personal data, to absolute is expected to crush messi, may be awarded to messi, just because of messi’s personal influence, perhaps because zlatan ibrahimovic, can only meet messi and the standard,After all, the ballon d ‘Or will surely be judged in favour of Lionel Messi.For Lewan or any other player, the Ballon d ‘Or is the icing on the cake, and everyone knows the ballon d ‘Or will be in 2020 or even 2021.Lionel Messi stole the award from Sneijder in 2010 despite his lack of success, and Franck Ribery was superb in 2013, but still failed to shake the dominance of the two superstars.It all seems to suggest that the Golden Globes are an honor that can be manipulated.There will be no objective, fair and transparent criteria for judging the Golden Globes. Despite the reforms made in 2022, the 2010, 2013 and 2021 golden Globes will remain a stain on the golden Globes’ history.

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